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Journal Kedisar's Journal: Vain so lagicke.... *sigh*

Well, I spent the entire day again thinking about a very special person... barely got any work done. Whatever, it was worth it.

Camcorder came today, but I still don't have my IEEE 1394 cable that I bummed off of eBay. Damnit...

The camcorder seems pretty cool, it's a ZR70MC. A tad grainy indoors, but what the fuck, it was $500.00. I need to get a tripod and bigger memory card for it, though. I hope I didn't damage it by pointing it at my huge blacklight... =x_x= Meh, it seems to be fine. I'm always so anal-retentive about this shit.

I'm going to try and go to sleep, but I know I'll spend hours dreaming about her before I do... Ah... *heart flutter.*

Reluctantly off teh spoke.
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Vain so lagicke.... *sigh*

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