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Open Source

Aquaria Goes Open Source 58

A post on the Wolfire blog yesterday announced that the source code for Aquaria has now been released. Aquaria, an action-adventure, underwater sidescroller from Bit Blot, was part of the Humble Indie Bundle, which was so successful that the developers of four games pledged to release them as open source. This marks the final release, following Lugaru, Gish, and Penumbra: Overture. The source code is available from a Mercurial repository.

What's With All This Spam? 212

coondoggie writes to mention a Network World article about soaring spam levels, confirmed now by researchers, IT managers, and security vendors. So, indeed, it's not just you: October was a spammy month. From the article: "Levine's assumption is this spike in spam levels is a result of a new generation of viruses and zombies that can infect PCs more quickly and are harder to get rid of. In its October report, messaging security vendor MessageLabs says the spike is largely due to two Trojan programs, Warezov and SpamThru. Others say a new breed of spam messages called image spam -- messages with text embedded in an image file that evade spam filters, which can't recognize the words inside the image -- is responsible." A note: I have no interest in penny stocks.

Comment T-Mobile with the V360 (Score 3, Informative) 89

I just recently had my cell phone die on me, so I switched to T-Mobile and got a Motorola V360. This phone has bluetooth as well as the ability to act as a USB modem with a data connection (dial *999 or something, check online for the recipe to get connectivity). It supports EDGE as well as GPRS, and works with the cdc-acm linux driver. While it is not fully supported by moto4lin, I can use kdemobiletools to download my address book, make calls and send SMS messages. The phone needs to be switched to modem mode to be used this way, as the default is to provide USB mass storage access to the microSD card in the phone.

So all in all, works better than I would've expected. As with anything, YMMV.

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