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Comment Re:They missed one of Apple's best ideas (Score 1) 712

If I could buy this at a decent price, I totally would. It fits me requirements exactly. x86, enough power to run a compiler and IDE, USB to attach to networks and get more drive space, but still a tablet for use during travel. But there is one crux: It will be released "this fall", with the i5 version "90 days later". Which means probably until Christmas. That's 6 months too late!!

Comment Glasses (Score 1) 448

I am also looking for headphones, but with one primary caveat: I wear glasses. If I use on-ear, that gets painful after a while because on-ear-phones press my ear against the handles. If I wear around-ear, the earphones dislodge my glasses frequently, or push them slightly away from where they are supposed to be. Both issues are no problem for an hour, and a major annoyance for prolonged use. Are there any ear-phones which alleviate these problems, or should I just stick with in-ear phones instead?

Comment Breaking news: People are stupid! (Score 1) 217

Nope, not surprised. Cigarettes are voluntary self-poisoning with no benefits. People still smoke. When you drive without paying attention, you are likely to have a serious accident. People still text while driving. Hell, people actually drive, despite that being the single most dangerous activity for most urban folks.

Comment Re:Dinosaurs Gods (Score 1) 1258

Oh, have no fear, I am totally not an Atheist because of only dinosaurs. I mean, there are a few thousand religions to choose from, and christianity is really kinda lame, and at the same time quite obscene. Apparently, I would have to kill my gay friends, and I must confess I did have sex before marriage, and I am using condoms too. I am also _not_ a misogynist, and I think Paul would really hate on me for that. Lastly, your god seems to be a bit of a douche-bag, killing children and civilians, just because they are from Egypt, and commanding his most devout follower to kill his own son (but hey, that was just a trick, haha! No harm done! Nobody was scarred for life there!). If I was forced to choose between the around three thousand gods listed on Wikipedia, I'd much rather go with Thor, at least he's a properly awesome imaginary friend, and there's beer and many fighting. Or Banjo the clown, I hear you get a free espresso machine.

Comment Re:Real name (Score 2) 315

I use the same pseudonym everywhere and don't make a secret out of it (which means it's fairly easy to connect to my real identity). One reason is as you say: It makes me think twice before writing inane stuff. The second reason: I know I can't control all information about me. But I can influence it heavily, by publishing a large amount of generally favourable content. That way, those (inevitable) embarrassing pieces get drowned out in the sheer mass of positive data.

Comment Big Enough To Fail (Score 5, Interesting) 290

When companies get big, they attract a lot of fat (such as overpaid CEOs) and the people that are actually responsible for the success have less influence. Replacing the CEO will not help, you've just exchanged one kind of cancer for another. Need I mention I'd like 500 million Yen a year for "taking responsibility" in a multi-billion-loss?

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 273

Can the AI fail at very rare circumstances? Yes. Will we see AI failures? Yes. Will we see the AI repeating the same mistake? No. It can be patched. Will we see people driving while drunk in ten years, despite thousands having proven beyond all doubt that it's a really stupid idea? Definitely. AIs can fail, humans fail more. The AI just has to get to less than 1'000'000 deaths per year, and it's already an improvement.

Comment Re:Upgrade weapons are not necessarily better (Score 2) 196

Let me add to this my extensive 400 hours of gameplay experience: The basic rocket launcher is the best weapon. Direct Hit: -70% splash means your splash is nearly irrelevant. This weapon is good against heavies and snipers, and bad against everyone else. Black Box: 15 life only makes a difference once in ten fights. Only having three shots matters every few seconds. Liberty Launcher: Speed difference is neat, but unnecessary most of the time. Three rockets instead of four is significant. Original: You can't shoot around left corners. You still can't shoot around right corners. The smoke obscures your own view. You can't rocket jump as far (though it's easier for a beginner). It's just plain worse. Cow Mangler: I don't have this one. This holds true for 99% of all weapons: The basic gear is actually the most competitive in nearly all cases. And when it is not, you need to spend a hundred hours to actually learn the difference anyway, at which point you have the things you need.

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