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Comment Re:doesnt matter to me (Score 1) 857

Typing with a stick tied to your stump or in your mouth with be a lot easier to read than writing the same way. Look at Steven Hawking; he can barely move, but he can type with his eyes. Even short term, if you broke your hand you can still type with a finger or the other hand. Without lots of practice, off-hand writing is almost totally illegible. There is no legibility penalty for off hand typing.

Comment Re:SSD can be a pain because of extra work (Score 5, Insightful) 175

OCZ also has forums dedicated to tweaking ram. There are thousands of forums on the internet dedicated to tweaking every part of a computer. Working "right" isn't "as fast as possible". Most components are configured to run less than optimum so they last longer. Granted, early SSD drives had issues with the abysmal cache causing stuttering, but really, that's just a design fault, not something endemic to the hardware line.

Comment Re:and yet NYC still has traffic jams (Score 1) 882

That's actually a question on the license exam here. Paraphrased: You are coming up on a slow moving vehicle in a passing section, how should you pass him? A) Accelerate rapidly and pass him B) Maintain current speed and pass him, but don't speed C) Pass on the right shoulder D) Something else wrong. The correct answer is B and it is stressed many times in the study materials.

Comment Re:and yet NYC still has traffic jams (Score 2, Interesting) 882

No, it's not my fault traffic clumps. I'm doing the speed limit. If others were doing the speed limit they wouldn't be catching up to me, would they? Doing the speed limit doesn't create dangerous conditions. Speeding and tailgating cause dangerous conditions. They don't tailgate because I won't let them speed, they tailgate because they have an over inflated sense of entitlement. The time it's the biggest problem is on 94 when it's 3 lanes. The first lane has people getting on and off. Since they're morons, they get on at about 45, so I don't want to be in that lane both because I don't want to stop for retards and because I'd be in the way of people trying to get on/off. The second lane has a bunch of people in it doing 55 trying to get around the people in lane 1 doing 45. Even when the second lane is doing 65, you still have people that cut from 3 to 1 without signaling 50 feet before their exit. The third lane is the safest, most stress free choice available. And it's not like the other two lanes are empty and I have nothing better to do than sit in lane 3 dragging my feet. Traffic is moderate and the third lane presents the least amount of obstacles. I'm not going to jump lanes because the guy riding my ass at 65 can run up 40 whole feet and ride the ass of the guy ahead of me doing 67. People here take it as a personal offense if you don't let them speed, even if the guy ahead of you is doing the speed limit too. No one should get indignant about not being allowed to break the law.

Comment Re:and yet NYC still has traffic jams (Score -1, Troll) 882

Are you talking about people matching speed at 45 in a 65 or are you complaining about people matching speed at 65 in a 65? The former is understandable, but if it's the latter, why should I make room for you to break the law (go over 65)? Sure, it's your choice to speed, but I don't see where I should feel bad about doing the speed limit. When signs say "slower traffic keep right" they mean slower than the speed limit. Grandma Moses shouldn't be in the far left lane doing 50 in a 70. The left lane isn't where it's magically acceptable to speed. People around here seem to think the speed limit is dependent upon the distance from the car in front of you. If you can't see anyone, the 65 is a 90. If you're about half a mile behind them, it's an 80. Quarter mile and it's a 70 until you're sure it's not a cop. Then it's back to 80 until you're 6 inches off their ass. At that point, you either change lanes without signaling (it'd require putting down the cell phone) or, if you can't pass, sit on their ass and flick your high beams on and off in their rear view mirror until they miss a turn and run off the road in a blind stupor. I actually saw a woman driving with her elbow this morning. She had the cellphone in her right hand and her left hand was blocking the sun from her eyes. Her visor was up and it wasn't even that bright out.

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