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Comment Re:A Natural Progression Yet So Many Caveats (Score 1) 578

There is another argument which is all too prevalent among enthusiastic language designers, that efficiency of object code is no longer important; that the speed and-capacity of computers is increasing and their price is coming down, and the programming language designer might as well take advantage of this.

This is an argument that would be quite acceptable if used to justify an efficiency loss of ten or twenty percent, or even thirty and forty percent. But all too frequently it is used to justify an efficiency loss of a factor of two, or ten, or even
more; and worse, the overhead is not only in time taken but in space occupied by the running program.

In no other engineering discipline would such avoidable overhead be tolerated, and it should not be in programming language design.

                                                    -- C.A.R. Hoare, 1973

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Submission + - Researchers create 'rubbery metal'

Space_donkey writes: Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a new type of metal that also has the vibration-dampening properties of rubber. That's according to a patent filing discovered by New Scientist. Ultimately, it might be used in aircraft engines and other systems that experience a lot of vibration. In the shorter-term it could also be seen in sports equipment such as tennis rackets and baseball bats.

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