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Comment Works totally silent and no longer crashes (Score 1) 92

Since 1 dec 2016 I got a new job and was allowed to choose my own laptop, but I choose a NUC6 i5 with 2x 24" screens, and put Linux Mint 18 on it. The first few days it totally froze on me a few times, but after upgrading to Mint 18.1 and Cinammon 3.0.6 it has now run uninterrupted for 2 weeks already.

I have the CPU temperature and performance monitor in the footer, it is currently 39.3 deg Celsius without any noise at all (I have no music on so it is totally silent here). I run PhpStorm, 2 Firefoxes with in total 21 tabs, a terminal with 3 tabs, 1 vagrant VM, 1 Chrome browser with 4 tabs, 1 file manager and 1 PDF viewer. It is not cheap, but a lot cheaper than laptops with the same specs. Colleagues with Win of Mac laptops do have their fan running audibly.

My previous PCs were a MacMini and an MacBookAir, but I would not want to switch back.

Comment Same adds (Score 1) 122

If I follow a few YT links from a non-YT site, all those videos show the same adds, even without the 'skip in 4 seconds' possibility.

I have lost interest completely after seeing the same add 3 times, and start vowing to never buy the product shown in the add. That can not be the effect the add company is after.

Comment I like the office life (Score 1) 250

On my last job (Drupal back-end developer) I worked 4 days from home, and 1 day at the office where planned all meetings and customer contacts. Traffic to the office was 1 hour instead of 30 minutes without traffic jams. Working at home is perfect for receiving the stuff you and your neighbors bought over the internet, or start early in your pyjamas and spend your lunchtime in the sun in your garden. But it can be lonely, I live alone in a small village where nothing happens.

In my new job (also web developer) it's 5 days at the office, but very close, only 13 minutes by car and 30 minutes by bicycle. As I also need to learn the new development framework I interact a lot with my colleagues, and the threshold asking an opinion on something you made or a solution you have in mind is very low. I also enjoy the lively discussions at lunch.

I think the team atmosphere can be reproduced quite a lot with tools like Slack if you already know the colleagues in person. That's why completely remote (at home or in India) is not as efficient as full-time office or part-time office. Avoiding the worst traffic days while still seeing your colleagues is the best compromise.

Comment Priorities could improve too (Score 1) 62

I have used Linux for 21 years already, going from Suse to Ubuntu and then Mint after Unity was introduced. I could not be happier on my new job when I started 1 december that I was allowed to choose my own laptop as long as it was made by their preferred supplier. As a web developer I favor screen real estate more than the portability of a laptop, so I was very happy I noticed the Intel NUC 6 which I fitted with 2 x 24"monitors. I installed Mint 18 on it and was as happy as any /. reader could be.

Until my screen froze, not responding to mouse or keyboard. I disabled the screen saver, but when I was resizing a window it froze on me again. About 2 times per day. i ran all the updates I could run and now have it down to 1 screen freeze every 2 days. I think it is bug 1321623.

When I see they were perfecting the screen savers for Mint 18.1 while this bug kills my productivity it annoys me quite a bit.

Comment My house != commercial property (Score 1) 314

I had a room in my house listed on AirBnB, but took it off because my privacy is worth more than a few euro.

The first renters were a mother and her student son who were moving the student back home and needed one night sleep in between. They had a well-written profile with a few photos that gave me the idea I could trust them, also including a few good reviews. My house is not set up for commercial renting, it is stocked with food and alcohol that cannot be locked away.

The second renter who applied had an arabic name and no profile at all, also no reviews. While my initial thought was to turn him down, instead I mailed him for more information 'to see if my room would be the best for him'. Turned out he was an arabic man who worked in Europe for a few weeks sent on a business trip by his employer, and had wife and children and was very western-oriented. As I explained him he would not get any rooms without a full profile (and preferably some good reviews as profiles can be made up), so people could familiarize them with him. Trusting him into their house. In the end he did look further for a place closer to tourist attractions.

My point is that if AirBnB starts anonymizing renters to hide the information I need to trust someone into a private house, into my private space, I must conclude there might be something wrong with them. So I stopped renting my room. On my holidays I use AirBnB a lot, but more than 50% of the places are not AirBnB purists but hotels and guesthouses anyway.

Comment It's 13 billion Euro = USD 14.5 billion (Score 3, Informative) 212

And rightly so. Working people are paying betweeen 38 - 52 % income tax (in the Netherlands), and big companies like Apple, Starbucks, etc are paying almost no taxes (Apple paid 0.005% in Ireland) with all the money going to shareholders and massively overpaid CEOs. Some USA CEOs get more salary than small country's budget.

It's stealing from the poor and giving to the already-rich. There are already concerns that this wealth-gap will result in riots and revolutions. This theft has to stop before it gets out of hand, your billions are no use if you have to employ a small army to protect yourself, your family, hell even your mother-in-law (ask Bernie Eclestone).

All countries in the world will benefit from local taxes being paid, specifically 3rd world countries which are being robbed of their assets via bribed officials and cannot feed or employ their people. And if all these companies pay their taxes, taxes for the working class can come down. That's the Robin Hood way, taxing the rich and giving to the poor.

Comment Monsanto should also GMO people (Score 1) 470

Take the active ingredient of Vietnam-era Agent Orange and label it as RoundUp weed killer, then genetically modify plants to not die from this poison so that farmers can spray massive amounts ($$$$) of RoundUp on their crop. Only the crop survives. Everything else dies.

Monsanto 'forgot' to genetically modify humans. We are not 'RoundUp-Ready'. So while our GMO food drenched in RoundUp poison survives, we humans are not insensitive to it. Small amounts of Glyphosate are being found in every food ingredient, even in organic food grown close to fields where RoundUp is used. Organic plants also interbreed with GMO plants in the natural way, so 100% organic farmers are sued by Monsanto for what the military terms as 'Collatoral damage'. Organic farmers get sued for illegally using patented Monsanto seed that just blew over from GMO fields. And those farmers cannot pay the legal muscle to fight Monsanto... So everyone pays.

Monsanto is getting rich on poisining our food, racketeering our farmers, poisioning humans.

Comment Re:How long will it take (Score 1) 122

In the Netherlands a bunch of criminals stole a few Audi RS4 and robbed a money depot of the transport company that trasports the money between shops and banks. They drove away full speed and were chased full speed too, then they stopped and shot at the police with AK-47s so the police backed off and they got away.

Apparently fast cars help a bit in shrinking the response time of the police.

Another time the police caused a traffic jam using the overhead speed advice signs, and the criminal drove full-speed into the back of the last car, killing the innocent occupent. The police is now no longer allowed to cause traffic jams to stop criminals.

Comment Rainwater harvesting system (Score 1) 557

I built my house in 1993 in the south of the Netherlands, and the rainpipes from the two largest roofs feed into a sieve, and then into a 10 m^3 concrete underground tank. That has (one-way) overflow into the sewage, and one-way suppletion from the water network if the water level is too low. I use that water to flush 2 toilets, for washing laundry (needs less soap as there is no calcium in the water), and watering the garden if needed. So you need dual water piping system, one for drinking, kitchen and shower, and one for the rainwater. It also needs a controller and waterpump to suck up and pressurize the rainwater.

On the flat roof of my garden shed I have a green roof, with plants. It keeps the shed cool, stores rainwater against sewage system overload, and looks nice from your bedroom window.

Comment Rich investors and CEOs are thieves (Score 1) 312

1. set up an international company with most employment in countries with low pay
2. set up administration in countries with low tax
3. channel all money earned to the low tax money
4. pay yourself in shares, with a minimal pay
5. bribe governments to keep creating tax loopholes and free trade arrangements (like TTIP)
6. take entire countries to court when the tax loopholes are closed

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