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Comment Monsanto should also GMO people (Score 1) 470

Take the active ingredient of Vietnam-era Agent Orange and label it as RoundUp weed killer, then genetically modify plants to not die from this poison so that farmers can spray massive amounts ($$$$) of RoundUp on their crop. Only the crop survives. Everything else dies.

Monsanto 'forgot' to genetically modify humans. We are not 'RoundUp-Ready'. So while our GMO food drenched in RoundUp poison survives, we humans are not insensitive to it. Small amounts of Glyphosate are being found in every food ingredient, even in organic food grown close to fields where RoundUp is used. Organic plants also interbreed with GMO plants in the natural way, so 100% organic farmers are sued by Monsanto for what the military terms as 'Collatoral damage'. Organic farmers get sued for illegally using patented Monsanto seed that just blew over from GMO fields. And those farmers cannot pay the legal muscle to fight Monsanto... So everyone pays.

Monsanto is getting rich on poisining our food, racketeering our farmers, poisioning humans.

Comment Re:How long will it take (Score 1) 122

In the Netherlands a bunch of criminals stole a few Audi RS4 and robbed a money depot of the transport company that trasports the money between shops and banks. They drove away full speed and were chased full speed too, then they stopped and shot at the police with AK-47s so the police backed off and they got away.

Apparently fast cars help a bit in shrinking the response time of the police.

Another time the police caused a traffic jam using the overhead speed advice signs, and the criminal drove full-speed into the back of the last car, killing the innocent occupent. The police is now no longer allowed to cause traffic jams to stop criminals.

Comment Rainwater harvesting system (Score 1) 557

I built my house in 1993 in the south of the Netherlands, and the rainpipes from the two largest roofs feed into a sieve, and then into a 10 m^3 concrete underground tank. That has (one-way) overflow into the sewage, and one-way suppletion from the water network if the water level is too low. I use that water to flush 2 toilets, for washing laundry (needs less soap as there is no calcium in the water), and watering the garden if needed. So you need dual water piping system, one for drinking, kitchen and shower, and one for the rainwater. It also needs a controller and waterpump to suck up and pressurize the rainwater.

On the flat roof of my garden shed I have a green roof, with plants. It keeps the shed cool, stores rainwater against sewage system overload, and looks nice from your bedroom window.

Comment Rich investors and CEOs are thieves (Score 1) 312

1. set up an international company with most employment in countries with low pay
2. set up administration in countries with low tax
3. channel all money earned to the low tax money
4. pay yourself in shares, with a minimal pay
5. bribe governments to keep creating tax loopholes and free trade arrangements (like TTIP)
6. take entire countries to court when the tax loopholes are closed

Comment Drupal 7 on Postgres 9.3.4 (Score 1) 320

I use Drupal 7 on Postgres 9.3.4 and it works like a charm, never crashed in 1.5 year.

I did have to convince the hosting provider to upgrade Postgres to a higher version, because we were the only ones not on MySQL, but after pointing out that they declared on their own site to being technically advanced etc they did this.

Comment Re:Seems obvious but... (Score 1) 325

Our department of 3rd line support Java all had laptops because we were on standby duty 2 weeks out of 8. Realising my much older desktop at home was faster than those brand-new laptops me and a colleague traded one laptop for 2 desktops, and kept the other laptop for standby duty shared between us.

Our desktops worked like a breeze, never overheated, performed faster than the laptops of the other colleagues. For the standby duty we took the laptop home and everywhere we went, but standby duty has a much lower system demand. Remote login, ssh, stopping/starting services can be done fast on any laptop. But the real work we did during daytime (development and 3rd line support) that does put a heavy load on the PC.

It looks modern and professional to use a laptop, but the portability and battery life are a too-large burden on a PC. A roomy mini- or miditower with quiet cooling and 2x24" monitors (or 1x30") is the ideal PC for an efficient professional.

Comment Re:Have Both (Score 1) 567

At my previous job I had both too. While you can put two browser windows side by side on a 27" or 30" monitor, we could not convince our boss to buy them. So we got 2x 21" monitors and used 1 in portrait mode to see a web page completely, and a landscape one for coding in Perl.

Even when monitors cannot be rotated, then it sometimes had a square connecting plate to the foot with 4 screws. Undo the srews, rotate 90 degree, and fasten them again.

Comment Re:Your baseline is wrong... (Score 1) 277

I went from a 90k EURO (~120k $) with 1 hour traffic jams both in the morning and afternoon, to a much lower paying job with only 14 minutes of empty motorway between my house and the job. I set my alarm clock 1 hour later, and I can do my shopping after work, cook/eat and still have a whole evening to myself.

Once you earn more than your living expenses, more money is not attractive, more time (and an interesting job) is the real benefit.

BTW, I was a Perl programmer/project leader, and am now a Drupal developer, which makes me a PHP programmer. Amazing similarities between Perl and PHP ;-)

Comment German drivers (Score 1) 525

I live close to the german border in the Netherlands and drive a german car (Audi A4 avant). I do agree that german cars are engineered to go fast both on the Autobahn and more curvey NordSchleife, but the real compliment should go to the german drivers for their discipline.

German drivers do stick to the right-most lane, pay attention to faster traffic approaching from behind, and will even go as far as to slow down or even break a little to stay in their lane when they can keep the fast lane free for faster cars. Compare this to dutch drivers who drive anywhere in any lane because they paid road tax for all the lanes, and feel it is a constistutionary right to correct speeding cars by throwing their cars in the left lane with just 2 km/h faster than the truck they want to pass.

If there are no roadworks, and if you are not near a city that has a 100 km/h corridor around it, the german Autobahn can be as smooth a ride as listening to Kraftwerk's song "Autobahn" Even doing around 160 km/h or 200 km/h. Thank you german drivers!

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