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Comment Re:GTA2 FTW (Score 1) 737

Oh man do I ever remember it. MY favorite game to this day remains *Drum roll*... Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2. The first game I ever played online multi-player with, and I played it over dial up with MSN Gaming zone. An amazingly close second, Quake 2. Anybody remember trying to get mods to work in that game? It was hell. I also remember looking for Warez online and getting so much bullshit(Until puberty, then it was gold).

Comment Re:Confusing Comparison: RTS vs RPG (Score 5, Insightful) 737

I can honestly say that this is a huge disappointment to me. I was really looking forward to having an old school LAN party with my friends like we used to back in Junior High and high school. Somehow, having 4 friends in the same house/room connect to battlenet just to play with each other is a tad disappointing.

Comment Re:Wait... (Score 3, Interesting) 299

Call me ignorant, naive, or a fool, but a story such as this scares me. If I get sick I go to see my family doctor, make sure it is nothing overly serious, and if it is I do as he says which almost always requires a few days away from work. By the same token my co-workers only need to call in and let us know what is going on, we will cover them. Before anybody claims I have some sort of dream job, let me assure you it is not. I work 12 hours a day in a god forsaken hell pit for just over minimum wage to pay for my going to school, no paid sick days, and I need to work 2 jobs to make it by. That said, I don't worry about calling in sick because I don't want to get my friends, nor customers sick, and if I need i cut my food intake, walk instead of take the bus, or do what I have to do to make it work. There is not a single excuse for coming into work and getting somebody else sick.

Comment Re:Wait... (Score 1) 299

I wasn't aware that a persons responsibility to his family overrode his social obligations. What you are implying is that you live on such a shoe string budget that you could not afford a few days pay to ensure that you aren't spreading a potentially deadly virus? Neither can you afford to buy some form of health insurance, let alone pay for some of the testing out of your own pocket, am I right? My pity sir, is yours. Out of my own ignorant and dare I say, selfish curiosity, may I ask where it is you are from?

Comment Re:Cowardly Americans Need not Apply (Score 1) 319

My God do we ever have the same problem up here. I live in Alberta, Canada, and I swear to god everybody drives either a giant pickup truck, or a land barge that gets passed off as an SUV. I think that if people would stop thinking about how a change in transportation will be so god damn inconvenient and instead, tried to think of how they could change/alter a few points of thier life, then they would find that this isn't such a bad idea. I have to drive to school, work, and anywhere else I want to go because I live in the county, no mass transpo here, and this car would be most excellent. Now, I didn't RTFA but I do not believe this vehicle will be very expensive, over a 20 year lease we'll say, and you have a cheap little car to get you to work and back, while your stupid wife drives a beached whale, talks on her cellphone, and hopefully doesn't kill anybody bringing Timmy to soccer, or going out with her equally stupid friends who form a fucking convoy through the town. As for the trucks, yes I know they are needed for oilfield work and a crapton of other duties, but why do I see enormous lifted f-350 diesels in the parking lot of Toys R Us with one person in it? Oh yeah because you cannot find a dirt cheap tiny car that's worth a shit in the woods. Lets hope this little thing changes that at least.

Comment Re:And Democracy reins... not in the U. S. of A. (Score 1) 674

You are a close minded idiot. While the name of the party is quite ridiculous, and the truth of the matter is that piracy is more or less the scourge of media in any form, why don't you look instead at the bigger picture? Thy don't you look at the potential ramifications of misguided laws regarding digital freedoms? The encroachment upon the liberties that are in jepordy because of governments being bribed and mislead by giant multinationals? You talk about the Pirate Party as though it simply advocates copyright infringement and does nothing besides. What if the party was named "We Love kitties and capitalism in all forms" party? Would you assume it is a party for the ethical treatment of baby felines and money grubbing whores? Its a name, so it sums up nothing about the party, all it does is grab attention and pique curiosity. Shut your miss-informed ignorant mouth before something bad happens to you.

Comment Re:Rewards. (Score 1) 308

The grind I found was the easiest part, and the most fun. It offered up tangible, usually visible rewards for time invested, whereas doing the 9 - 5 shit at my job, that yields bills paid and food to eat. While yes, working is necessary and I do not mean to come off as a lazy ass, I do find the lack of advancement in my own life (the slow progress through school ... every 6 months get a raise) that was what got me really down.

Comment Re:What does "help the police" mean? (Score 1) 315

Fuck freedom as a whole, our freedom has to come first. Oppress them before they can oppress us! Also, how the fuck does a rant by Jack Nicholson(sp?) have to do with policy regarding freedom of the internet? In an ideal world Police wouldn't abuse their power, and we could trust them absolutely. But this is far from an ideal world, and the police are just another form of school-yard monitor. They are ignorant of circumstance, and naive towards the actual goings on of their little slice of stomping ground. People want to say that if you aren't doing anything wrong then you should have nothing to hide and therefore nothing to fear. I say I have everything to hide from people that will scrutinize it looking for anything I might have done wrong, and I have everything to fear from a legal system that always seems open to interpretation and closed to circumstance. And if you want to tell me that police do not abuse their power, you can talk to my brothers ex classmate who got shot and killed by police after getting into a scuffle for resisting arrest. Yeah lets just fucking shoot the guy, it's easier that way. This fucking city is becoming more American by the week

Comment Re:+1 Honest (Score 1) 308

I had an interesting approach to high school. I was overly optimistic, and I had the social skills of a Fascist street peddler, so I wasn't exactly ... how do you say... with the "in" crowd. I took the crap that came with my social graces in stride, learned to criticize myself and my actions first so that when it came time for verbal douche-baggery, I was not only prepared for their onslaught, I had witty self serving retorts ready for them. Did I mention I learned how to fight the hard way in high school too? :D Anyways, I learned to look at my own situation with a critical eye, recognize what I was doing wrong, then proceeded to do nothing about it. I've gotten very comfortable with my mistakes, and can openly talk about any aspect of my life really. I don't know if that makes me a hypocrite or some skewed version of a lazy asshole. I'll leave the categorization up to you

Comment Rewards. (Score 4, Insightful) 308

Well it didn't post my last comment. I was addicted to the rewards that were available to me, and the clear cut, investment required for them. Do this X many times, get this in return. Kill X many of this, and get this. I was and still am(sorta) addicted to wow. I /played my main over 200days(pre BC), id been there since it went live, with 5 other mains all 60 with alot of /played time on them. It was mostly a replacement for the lack of things I had to show for myself. Before people jump down my throat, its not like I sat in my room all day playing (almost) I was a social recluse by choice, I enjoyed my life as it was, and I just found that I lacked the disciplin and the means of which to obtain the things I wanted for myself. WoW was my answer.

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