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Comment Re:TTL value (Score 2) 58

Problem with any of these scenarios is that according to the AWS forum post, he's been getting rogue Netflix traffic for 4 days. No dns server or mainstream client is going to keep a 60 second TTL record for 4 days. It's either an issue at AWS completely unrelated to DNS, or an issue in Netflix clients. With it being in TV's, BluRay players, Xboxes, IOS, Wii's, etc... who knows what client the issue could be in... I wonder if the forum poster could capture the browser string and help debug?

Comment DNS caches for 4 days. (Score 2) 58

No dns server (or mainstream browser) caches something for 4 days when given a low TTL. I've seen some that cache for a few hours, maybe up to a day, but 4 days? Really? Something else is going on. I kind of wonder about the Netflix clients built into all those TV's, Mobile Phones, and DVD players.

Comment Re:Wow, you just don't understand any of this, do (Score 2, Interesting) 316

There's actually a lot more to it than this... plenty of conspiracy around whether or not WMB was actually about to fail or not. The administration at the time had put rules in place to keep bank stocks from being shorted. Turns out WMI and Indymac were not on that list... and guess which two failed? Any wonder that the only two banks that weren't protected failed? And why weren't they protected? Couldn't possibly be a slurping of cash from west coast to east coast? Anyone curious how it is that two of the west coast's largest banks managed to get handed over to east coast banks for pennies on the dollar? Did you know that WMI was shopping out WMB prior to the seizure, and couldn't figure out why no one was interested...? Turns out the FDIC had already gone to all the suitors and told them a seizure was in the works. Small wonder no one wanted to buy at market value, knowing they could get it for pennies on the dollar from their FDIC buddies. The FDIC directly and intentionally caused a huge loss in value to WMI shareholders. I highly recommend some googling, specifically look into the lawsuit brought by WMI's shareholders against Chase and the federal gov't.

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