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Comment Not worry about after crash, but AVOID CRASH (Score 1) 756

I spend most of my time driving NOT crashing. I'd worry less about where my hands are after a crash and more on where to place my hands to give me the best control of the vehicle so as to AVOID crashing. That might easily be tested in simulators. If I were a betting man, I'd place money more on 10-2 than 6:30-5:30.

Comment Research (Score 1) 203

Professional writers spend a lot of time doing research. Lots of research. This means reading material about the subject matter. Use Google and see what's online, but also read a few dozen books from a good library. That being said, you don't need a lot of technical detail; you're going to write a story. That involves realistic characters, dialog, and relationships. This is what will make you succeed (or fail) as a writer.

Comment Difficult field (Score 1) 254

Studies in this field are really difficult to do. A rigorously defensible experimental regime is nearly impossible to establish. Inferences made from Factor Analysis and Correlation matrices are nearly shaky as Ouija boards and Yarrow sticks. Low numbers of casual observations made from a preselected class of people does not constitute good random sampling. The best conclusions in the field would barely serve as hypotheses in a true science. The "softer" sciences are extremely difficult to work with.

NASA To Demonstrate Largest-Ever Solar Sail in Space 91

Zothecula writes "NASA's upcoming Technology Demonstration Missions are intended to 'transform its space communications, deep space navigation and in-space propulsion capabilities.' Three project proposals have been selected for these missions, which should be launching in 2015 and 2016. One of those projects will involve demonstrating a mission-capable solar sail. While NASA has recently tested a solar sail measuring 100 square feet (9.29 square meters), this one will be the largest ever flown, spanning a whopping 409 square feet, or 38 square meters."

Comment Sad (Score 1) 167

While information does want to be free, this is going to get some very good people killed. You know, there are some really evil people out there and it is up to someone to keep track of them. Sometimes that function falls on the people being exposed here.

Comment Back to the Past? (Score 1) 692

Who wants to go back the the past with stodgy, old-fashioned GUI driven by a 2x2 finger pad? The form of the platform may change, but intelligent users will demands for their computers the ease of use of a modern interface such as that provided by the best tablets. Out with the buggy whips and hand cranks.

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