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Comment yes (Score 1) 370

You are already killing your desk space now with a 17" CRT. Any flat panel you get will give you so much more space than the CRT.

You have learned the dirty little secret of flat panel monitors; 19" monitors are the same as 17" monitors, but with bigger pixels. It is sad that this extends into the wide screen monitors as well, because a 19" wide is only 1440 x 900.

So, buy a 20" wide monitor. The Dell one does 1680 x 1050. I know it will take way less depth than the CRT, and I'm guessing that it will actually be smaller in all dimensions than the current monitor you have.


Data Storage

Best eSATA JBOD? 210

redlandmover writes "I already have an HP Media Server (upgraded processor, and memory) that has already been upgraded internally to 3.5TB. I'm sure everyone already has their favorite backup solution (RAID, WHS, a billion external hard drives, etc). My question is: what is the best JBOD (Just a Bunch of Drives), eSATA-connected, external hard drive enclosure? (Preferably, at least 4 drives.)"

Build an Open Source SSL Accelerator 136

Amin Zelfani writes "SSL accelerators like Big-IP 6900 from F5 Networks typically carry a $50k or more price tag. An article over at o3magazine.com shows you how to build an SSL accelerator that's on par with the commercial solutions, using Open Source projects. SSL Accelerators offload the encryption / decryption process from web servers, reducing load and reducing the number of certificates needed."

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