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Comment tyu657u5656756756uy67tu. (Score 1) 320

Bigger isn't better.

I had the big Samsung phone, and after the screen broke, I felt that it was too big.

I have a Xperia active now because I like the water resistance of it and tougher screen, battery life is a bit small, but ok if you're not gps recording activities for more than 4-5 hours per day.

The smaller screen is fine, mostly because for any real information gathering I use my Ipad.

I'd recommend to restrict to only what you really need for your phone, and then let a tablet work for the rest of your mobile IT needs.

Comment Whiner. (Score 1) 305

All I see is one mans opinion on something he "feels" has been overdone. That's what I call whining.

You can whine about current state as much as you'd like, and you can mention texture and tactile feel technology, that doesn't exist and probably won't for the next 50 years all you want, but that won't change anything.

The interface design of the ipad for instance is incredibly useful, and the learned gestures make sense, complaining about it without offering anything real as an improvement just makes you look like an useless idiot.

Comment Hmm.. (Score 1) 206

Does anyone else think that this is just great advertising for Guangdong Real Faith Pingzhou Electronics Co. : "We use children, so we're cheap, and have manufactured products for Apple, so we're top quality. Money-grubbing CEOs of the world, we're open for business. To the Olivers of the world, consider yourself at home in our large, secure lodgings with our banqueted 1 ration of glorious food 3 times a day, you're welcome to stay here."

Comment Re:Both songs suck. (Score 1) 157

The joke is that you take a rap song and create a pop song, that doesn't make it OK that it's a crap version.

If you want an example of great covers which are both jokes and incredibly excellent, just google "Weird Al"

This story is fun, and his response is excellent, but both the original and and glee version suck because you can hear from be bad composing that he laughed so hard at his own joke that he just made something shit, then asked everyone who listens "hey don't you think this is funny?" Which the proper response is : "Yes, but it kinda sucks as well, no way does it stand up as a real song which is fun to listen to."

Comment Re:best approach (Score 0) 220

does that count as the US supporting terrorism, by supporting Pakistan?

- Actually yes, yes it does. US supports terrorism and terrorize. For their own gain.

If there ever was a religious country with too many guns, too many insane people in positions of power, too many greedy politicians, too many corporations willing to crush foreign countries for personal gain.. You already know what country I'm talking about, right?

US is to be feared and avoided at all costs.

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 1) 226

While that was a very nice argument, and even a legitimate hypothesis of what's going on, there's no corroboration to what is actually happening, so take this with a grain of salt if you start discussing this at your local watercooler. It sounds authoritative though, so you might get away with it if you have stupid colleagues.

Comment Re:First self-driving crash - who to blame, or sue (Score 1) 282

Exactly, what will happen is that cars will still need a basic insurance of the car, and when 2 automatic cars have an accident, both insurance companies will have to take on the cost of repairing "their" car.

The benefits will almost conclusively be worth it as this will be a lessening of accidents across the board.

Comment rubbish. (Score 1) 289

This is marketspeek at its worst.

If someone starts to speak from a company, and has a label C*O then it's time to take any such crap and throw it into the trash. Comments like these shouldn't even be taken with a 40'-container-sized grain of salt, just throw it into the trash.

Comment Re:Why so much Apple crap here lately? (Score 1) 204

Why did you post your crap reply to this thread? I'm not saying that you don't have the right to an opinion on anything posted on slashdot, but your replies are totally irrelevant and boring.

There's nothing special about your reply. It's a dumb comment, just like every other comment out there on slashdot. People have modded you up, and many of these "hacks" like you have nothing remotely interesting to say, even to us on slashdot who enjoy such "hacks" from time to time.

Can we please have some interesting replies here for once? Something not having to do with idiotic stances on what should or should not be posted on slashdot perhaps? Maybe something concerning the article itself in some way?

Comment Re:In other words, we should give up. (Score 1) 2247

You do realize that each state is as big as any country in europe? Do the countries in europe all pay to fund research to a single governing body, or do they decide themselves what to do with it?

I think Ron Paul is on to something. A lot of the things that the senate of the united states is doing it doesn't need to be doing. Ron paul is more about letting the states do the stuff, I just wish he'd make it more pronounced that he's not just interested in tearing things down just to be teared down.

It would be very good if this irongrip of the "united states" would be freed so the states could be more free in doing what they want to do.

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