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Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 351

You mean the key that is:

46 (the atomic number of palladium)
DC (the comic book shop)
EA (the horrible DRM ridden game company)
D3 (the Nikon camera)
17 (the element Chlorine)
  FE (the element iron)
45 (the gun caliber)
D8 (the technology conference)
09 (the year sony released a new PS3 model with Other OS disabled)
23 (the atomic number of sodium)
EB (the game store)
97 (the element Berkelium)
E4 (the pay television channel)
95 (the interstate, I-95)
64 (the Nintendo 64)
10 (the hidden message in the 10th xkcd comic http://xkcd.com/10/)
D4 (the programming language)
CD (the dead media format)
B2 (the bomber)
C2 (E=mc^2)

This key tells an interesting story!!!

Comment Re:"will fail" (Score 1) 246

Seriously, Slashdot has a crazy view on this one. You can't predict the future, and it's actually kinda (kinda) a cool move that Murdock is making a virtual paper. The editor should be shot and robots should replace him.

I, for one, welcome our new robot slashdot editor overlords.

Comment Wait...wut? (Score 5, Informative) 354

As far as I've observed, Apple has done a great job of contributing to a number of open source projects and has used their muscle to force the RIAA/MPAA into the digital space.

Personally, I'd put the RIAA / MPAA / Copyright Monglers at the top of this list. They're the ones trying to shove the COICA through Congress.

Which, by the way, they're trying to sneak through by this Thursday.

Submission + - University of Georgia Official Advises Censorship (redandblack.com)

Kashell writes: Following several stories where student voices at the University of Georgia were ignored in the search for a Dean of Students, Rodney Bennet, the Vice President for Student Affairs wants to remind the administration "to be mindful of documents that they’re maintaining and notes that they are keeping because those are subject to public review.”

Regardless of what kind of censorship Mr. Bennet is employing to circumvent the open records policy legally, one thing's for sure. He does not understand the Streisand Effect.

Comment The TL;DR; version, please? (Score 1) 196

Point by point:

Is DNSSEC a good thing? (Yes)
Do webmasters need a DNSSEC cert? (No, but it wouldn't be a bad idea. DNS works normally if you do not have one).
Will consumers get 404 redirect pages with DNSSEC? (Not sure here. I'm guessing -- No, because DNSSEC doesn't allow this?)
Will Comcast ever stop sucking? (Probably not.)

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