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Comment Re:pol views on H1Bs (Score 1) 607

Honestly, whatever Carly believed while at HP is irrelevant. She used a *legal* tool to do her job as CEO in the best interest of the company. Even if she disagreed with H1B on a philosophical basis, she would be grossly negligent if she did not consider the use of H1Bs as CEO of a publicly traded company.

Re: The Don, H1B is *not* immigration; your comments in that regard almost read like a straw man. I don't think most people are opposed to *legal* immigration but that has nothing to do with H1Bs.

Comment Re:Road access (Score 1) 622

That is not an accurate comparison; your analogy fails. No one is saying if the network is congested that your access will not be slowed down. What they are saying is there should be no artificial limitations to the usage of the unlimited resource.

Now if the city of LA only allowed you 100 miles of road usage per month without being charged more, that would be a closer comparison.

Comment Re: Well now Patrick will have to make a change (Score 1) 135

While you definitely deserve your Funny mods, I have issues with grub2.

One of the big advantages of grub1 over lilo was that you didn't have to run anything when you made a change in the config. You could also *easily* edit the config at boot time if needs be (typos etc...). The option to edit at boot time still exists in grub2 but that horrific, bloated configuration file is almost meaningless to anyone who is not a grub developer; not to mention having to run grub-install to affect changes.

grub2 seems like a step back to lilo without the simplicity of lilo.

lilo was my introduction to boot loaders and I learned a lot with it. Grub1 (legacy) was a definite improvement over lilo. Grub2 feels like some convoluted step backwards.

Comment Re:Not always a good thing. (Score 1) 280

anybody remember intel gma 500? i'm not stepping in that sh*t again.

My sister gave me a Dell Mini 10 netbook a couple months ago. I was very excited thinking this would be a great little beater web device that I could leave in the truck or use out in the yard or whatever and if it got destroyed, I am not really out anything. *But* it has Intel GMA 500 ( Poulsbo ). I can't put any newer distributions on it because the kernel modules that exist are stuck with ancient versions of everything. And before someone mentions Intel open-sourcing drivers that is not the case for this POS because they licensed it from some 3rd party.

So my options are either use Windows XP (that came preinstalled) or use it in crippled mode in Linux. Fuck you very much Intel.

Comment Re:Reliable servers don't just crash (Score 1) 928

Just how useful these features are depends on the user. The usefulness of these features does not outweigh the fact that *I DON'T WANT BINARY LOGS*.

I wish you pro-systemd people would please quit telling me what I do and do not want. Systemd offers me almost no benefit but does disrupt many aspects of my systems *FOR NO BENEFIT TO ME*.

If this is good for you, please, by all means, use systemd. But leave me the option to not use it. You do not know what is best for me and I didn't ask for your opinion. I especially did not request that my options be limited by a group that is as controversial as the systemd folks.

Comment Re:Reliable servers don't just crash (Score 1) 928

And your solution 1). offers absolutely no benefit to me 2). does not exist yet

There are hundreds or thousands of tools in the UNIX userland that have been written to interact with text files. Why re-invent the wheel?

I do not want binary logging and with systemd I have no option. I have many other issues with systemd. I, like many many other people, do not want systemd.

Comment Re:Reliable servers don't just crash (Score 1) 928

At least with journald you can have logging done just binary, just text or both types simultaneousl

False. You cannot log only to text with systemd. And who wants twice the I/O (binary and text) to appease the systemd folks when text logs have been not only the defacto standard, but a rudimentary part of the UNIX philosophy. There are several other reasons I don't like systemd ( try to chroot to a broken system and tell me how much fun that is if the system is a systemd system ) but binary logging with no text only option is arrogant and a show stopper for me as well.

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