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Comment Re:2Base-TL (Score 1) 256

Unknown as we didn't even look at the protected path. On Qwests Geomax product the SLA's are the same if I remember correctly protected path gives you 4 nines and regular gives you 3 nines. Because Geomax is DWDM they can't really give you a QOS option. The reason for the QOS on the QMOE is that its just a VPLS backbone so you could get over subscribed some where. The one time cost really depends on the fiber build out costs and the type of optics you want on the ends. I would guess depending on where you are in SLC it wouldn't be much. With the QMOE you pay per side so if you are going to be connecting two sites the cost doubles. I don't know how ISP's like say Xmission do it as they have a aggregation MOE link and they just dump customers on it. My guess is they have the customer share some of the cost some how.

Qwest puts Cisco 3750 Metro edition on the Customer side of the drop. The backbone is on Cisco 6500's. I know our link happens to run through only one 6500 so that may help in the great service we get as its a little harder to get killed by over subscription when you don't go over any aggregation links.

Someone else to look into is Comcast's Enterprise services. They are priced very competitively with Qwest's QMOE and they offer four 9's (if I remember correctly) on all of their contracts. This isn't their workplace DOCSIS service but their enterprise fiber service. They like to push that their service is MEF 14 and MEF 19 compliant when their competitor isn't.

Comment Re:2Base-TL (Score 1) 256

See my comment above about SLA. We have had our MOE link for 4 years and have had no problems with it. Our cost for 100Mbit is about the same as your cost for the DS3. We are an educational institution so that accounts for some of it. Just for reference T1's have a max cost of $350 for us.

Comment Re:2Base-TL (Score 1) 256

Our MOE link is 99.9% by default but if you purchase the protected path option it goes up to 99.99% add on QOS and they offer 99.999%. We didn't add on any of the fancy features and the only outages we have noticed in the 4 years we have been running it has been our own extended power outage after the UPS ran for 3 hours. The generator was turned off because they were hooking up the mains to a new building next door otherwise we wouldn't have gone down.

Comment Re:one address per two world citizens (Score 1) 460

wwwillem is correct even with private IP's we can't necessarily address everything. Just ask Comcast who ran through the full 10.x.x.x/8 on their network and had to get space from ARIN for cable modem management. See the presentation below.

Comment Re:The People Problem (Score 1) 595

I can second this. This is mostly because two people may have the same plan from different employers but the actual benefits are set by the employer to some degree in negotiation with the insurance provider. Its all up to what the employer/worker are willing to pay in premiums.

The only time the doc has known about that kind of thing was when he was writing a prescription and wanted to know if I would like it in a 90 day supply or a 30 day supply. Which my insurance will not cover a 90 unless its through their mail order. Which seems a little monopolistic to me.


Comment Re:The People Problem (Score 1) 595

It all depends on what insurance and benefits employer gives you. I also have payed sick leave in addition to my normal vacation time. I don't see a random doctor when I go in unless I go to the urgentcare/instacare instead of my regular doc when I am sick or for a regular checkup. Regulare checkup would never be to an intacare. The only time I would go to instacare is if say I broke a bone and my regular doc was full. They actually encourage you to see your regular doc when possible. The other reason would be if something happened after hours for the regular doc as the instacare has extended hours on weekends and weekdays.

But from what I understand the major health care provider in Utah does a pretty good job. I know I have been pleased for the most part.

Last time I was sick with flu like symptoms earlier this year I did just what you did. I emailed my boss saying I was taking a sick day and went back to bed. After the fever broke 3 days later I went back to work. No doc involved or note needed.

The biggest difference between your experience and your in-laws is that your experience is uniform because of the socialized medicine. For those in the US its based on the plan and doctors we choose. Also to some degree what our employer provides in the form of sick leave and insurance if they provide it. My place of employment gives us two insurance choices. I know my fathers does also. They also provide sick leave in addition to our vacation time as does my fathers job. As with many things in the US there isn't a rubber stamp that fits all its often the sum of our choices be that employer we chose to work for. It also may have to do with the services offered in the area we live. I realize some are not given an insurance choice and may have to provide their own insurance. I have a self employed friend that is in that situation and he has to deal with the system a little more because he is not on a group plan.

Comment Re:Actually, its not... (Score 1) 698

Educause thinks we all should have 100mbps connections and that the average house hold would consume 150mbps between multiple TV sessions, web browsing and other activities. See page 21

In summary they think a household can take 150mbps with TV, Gaming, and browsing. They also think everyone should have 100mbps min.

Comment Re:This equals ipv4 masquerade for the users (Score 1) 7

While the article talks about dual-stacks. It should be noted that Comcast has talked about using IPv6 for transport and doing NAT exactly as the parent talked about.

Also for management of the cable modems they ran out of 10.x.x.x addresses to use. So rather than break up their global view they acquired new public addresses from ARIN to use for management of the cable modems. So with new equipment they want to use IPv4 for customer transport and use IPv6 for management of devices such as cable modems. Thus allowing them to keep the global view. All of their software is all ready converted to work with IPv6.

For a presentation on the management topic see below:

For a link to an article about Dual-Stack lite which is what the parent was talking about see here:

Comment Re:Pardon me... (Score 1) 413

ok so it looks like the software emulators win. According to the Wikipdia article on the subject it was software. But because the OS used traps built into the 68k processors to run OS API calls programs could actually call PPC native API's while not knowing it.

Also over time the emulator moved from the ROM chip to the ROM file (new world) because most of the OS was now PPC native.

Sources 68k Emulation

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