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Comment Re:2 Words (Score 1) 810

If you live in the US, you get a $7500 tax credit off those prices. The cost of recharging depends on where you live. It costs me ~ $1.25 to drive 40 miles EV. Unless electricty is expensive where you live and you don't have solar panels (electricty is pretty expensive in Hawaii for example, but it's a good place to install solar too), then the cost of charging might be an issue. So subtract $7500 from those prices and then subract another $1000 - $2000 per year in fuel costs (depending on how much you drive and what you're comparing it to). Also subtract other maintenance like oil changes, brakes, transmission fluid, tranmission fluid, etc. And the price comes in line. Also on the pro side is that EVs are more plesant to drive. The ICE vehicles you compare them to would seem noisy and slow to me. The point of the OP though is that people who've tried EVs love them. I think part of the issue is that many people don't take the time to weigh all the factors and take into account the savings in fuel and maintenance over the life of the car.

DocBook 5 68

frisket writes "Definitive guides by the authors or maintainers of software systems tend to have the edge over other documentation because of the insight they provide. DocBook 5 — The Definitive Guide comes well up to scratch. DocBook has long been the de facto standard for computer system documentation in XML (and SGML before that), and Norm Walsh has revised and updated both the language and the documentation in a concise and valuable form, usable both by beginners and by tech doc experts." Read on for the rest of frisket's review.

Comment Re:From the No Duh Dept. (Score 1) 801

Ok, I think you miss the point (and there's more research than is summarized in TFA)...when roads feel safe, drivers are more careless and so traffic accidents per passenger mile go up. When roads feel more dangerous, drivers are more careful and traffic accidents per passenger mile go down. This is the same reason all the tech in cars has not saved as many lives as projected...drivers compensate for the added safety of anti-lock brakes by driving more aggressively.

Comment "My mouse is broken" and "My monitor is broken" (Score 1) 876

I think it depends on if the person is trying to sound smart "Hey, I know what a hard drive is" or is just describing the interaction point with the computer. Those who aren't trying to sound smart say things like "My mouse is broken" (esp. on old macs that would freeze up). Rational in a way...they move and click the mouse and the pointer doesn't move. Must be a broken mouse, right? I've also heard "My monitor is broken" for a computer that wouldn't boot. But that's all to be expected. Just smile and nod and ask the right diagnostic questions. That's your job, after all.

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