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Comment Re:Apple (Score -1, Flamebait) 507

Of course the Apple Hater Army has already descended on your post, as they will on every fucking post about anything Apple does. Even on Slashdot, the haters seem to have some back-channel where "every apple post" get publicized and the hater-hoards invoke some secret stash of mod points to mod them down in short order. Fixed.

Comment Re:Amiga games (Score 1) 1115

You were at the wrong store in the wrong year. I remember plenty of titles in the Amiga section of Software ETC. from 86-89 Where I first saw Cinemaware titles. In fact, the Mac section was smaller than the Amiga game area by FAR (and there was a rush of Mac games at the beginning before they slid off a cliff in 1989-1990, Shadowgate, Dark Castle, Infocom games, Tetris, F16 Falcon, Crystal Quest, Leisure Suit Larry etc)

Comment Re:Please... (Score 1) 230

Perhaps they'll release a game to inspire kids to actively participate in a pathological aversion to monsters / ghosts while consuming vast quantities of pharmaceuticals in an effort to inspire, engage and educate students to trust Pfizer unquestioningly.

Now they just need to make a BP game.

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