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Comment Re:It's the hypocricy (Score 1) 319

If he purposely put a CS degree on his CV thinking it'd give him the edge in getting the CEO position in a large multi-national (it's fair to say most of the skills required to do the job would be gained from experience rather than an undergraduate degree), then I think he's a few sarnies short of a picnic ;)

So, much more likely is he put it there to break into the industry 30 years ago, and has obviously proved himself capable in the meantime. Should he expect an easy time for not discretely removing the little fib a few jobs back? naah, I'm sure the board will use it as a humorous 'win button' for any disagreements for years to come.

Comment Re:Overhyped problem. (Score 1) 95

I was going to say the article is crap, but you said it much better... What the hell is with slashdot these days.

Moon is made of cheese says the Daily Mail. My mum reads that paper and isn't an astronomer. She is now sad! (yes I read the article, it's rubbish too)

Comment Re:Torture Tools (Score 5, Funny) 83

Then you'd have to listen to endless "damnit Jim, I'm a doctor not an engineer". Maybe if she's kinda hot in a milf-y way, but what if she has a pesky son on board... I suppose its inevitable, eventually.

Oh no, was not thinking that at all. Was more along the lines of an engineer who is also a surgeon, or a geologist who is also a surgeon, etc.

Wormhole specialist who is also a Gynecologist ?

Comment Re:Missing Option : It already is (Score 1) 317

I'm sure about payroll being a negative, but in the UK state schools mostly only care about targets, not appealing to individual creativity and motivation (which is surely one of the few benefits of 'in person' teacher led education).

I have two teenagers one in state grammar school the other in private school, the latter, somewhat ironically appears to concentrate more on catering it's content for the individual child. The state school are handcuffed by government targets and league tables, so seeks to shoehorn all it's kids into the same narrow path, this simply isn't sustainable and in my opinion results in a much higher percentage of students who are disillusioned and frustrated.

I am very much in favour of any change that can bring quality education with a student focused approach.

Comment Re:No risk for me (Score 1) 280

OK, car analogies. An automatic isn't just for those who don't know how to use a stick shift. A seat belt isn't just for those who can't recognise hazards.

Yeah, your post was good right up to here. Even if you are adept at spotting hazards would you trust others to ? The Malware door swings many ways.


Submission + - Apollo 1 45th Anniversary (

jamstar7 writes: offers some thoughts on our progress since the death of the first 3 American astronauts in the plugs out test of Apollo 1. We remember today Gus Grissom, Roger Chafee and Ed White for their sacrifice to open up those strange new worlds.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 2) 188

Indeed. It's almost impossible to fight corruption with common sense and logic, hopefully, collectively, we can seek to threaten the wallets of those who propel the state (I don't specifically mean just the USA).

I see the frist stage of the campaign against these bills as awareness, then potentially a subsequent stage being boycotts of the products which pro-sopa companies produce. Whether even this would be enough remains to be seen, combined with other strategies though it could well be.

Comment Some lighting (Score 1) 222

My town decided fairly recently to cut street lighting by around about half, they've been pretty careful to keep alley ways and paths lit. It was quite surprising to see the difference this made in seeing the stars, still not great, but I guess it's the price one pays.

Comment Possibly not asking the right question. (Score 1) 672

As an interviewee, I've faced a variety of interview methods, most of which are just too much for code monkey roles, but never the less one still gets thrown through the routine. Probably because a company/dept/interviewer has used said method for years and either feels it works or has no idea what will.

Personally I feel that there is no 'right' way to interview developers, because writing/debugging effective code is very much like skinning a cat, in that, there are many approaches to it. Naturally there are folks who try hard but are not really cut out for it.

The interviews I have most enjoyed are really just 'having a chat', the interviewer tries to get the measure of me and I can try and get a good feel for company I'm looking to spend my daylight hours in. Then if our two bits of the jigsaw appear to join, then there is the handy concept of a probation period just in case.

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