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Comment Re:Is anyone getting this? (Score 1) 159

So many real issues to worry about, why get caught up in the ludicrousness that is the idea of the 9/11/01 conspiracy?

Or if nothing else, just think about this; they didn't actually have to make it happen, to be able to take advantage of the event once it did happen. 9/11/01 happened, whatever lead to it. And it was abused to gain the government powers it didn't need, powers it used in ways that don't benefit the public. We know that. We don't need to rely on conspiracymongering to see that there are wrongdoings, and that there are many politicians and heads of government agencies who at the very least should be out of a job, in not in jail.

Comment Re:death is an evolutionary adaptation (Score 3, Insightful) 625

I think it's more that long life isn't necessary, rather than death being necessary. If you reproduce and raise individuals capable of doing the same, job done. The universe doesn't care. As long as the process sustains itself, it wins evolution.

But we can focus on what is best for the living individuals, rather than just the genes.

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