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Comment Re:WRONG - Incorrect - Lie (Score 1) 510

Not last in gdp - ( or gdp per capita - ( And when you factor GDP to cost of living - or Purchasing Power Parity Oklahoma is 17th in the country. (

Comment Re:While we're at it: Democrat... (Score 1) 1165

Mind sharing some statistics for that claim?

Sounds like you are regurgitating some hate-talk-radio host's flawed hateful email.

While there isn't a firm definition for "mass shooting" most seem to go by the 4 victims in a single event. This is based on the FBI definition of mass murder being 4 or more victims from a single assailant. HeyJackass,com compiles their own dataset via following sources: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Homicide Watch Chicago, DNAInfo Chicago, Chicago Redeye Homicide Tracker(no longer updated), NBC5 Chicago, City of Chicago Data Portal and CPD CLEARMAP. To date within the city limits of Chicago there have been 17 events of 4 or more victims shot in a single event ( Every instance has been black assailants with black casualties. ( Chicago being my hometown, it is the only place I follow statistics closely and I cannot say that this trend holds true nationally. Also of note, within the city limits of Chicago, 78.7% of the victims of shootings are black with 68.8% of the assailants being black. (

Comment Re:Except GM and BMW executives dont know..... (Score 1) 535

Except GM and BMW executives dont know how to sell a premium brand that makes everyone want to buy it.

GM executives certainly seem to know how to sell a mediocre brand that's marketed as a premium brand that makes the ignorant masses and the nouveau riche want to buy it...

Again, this is where GM has failed. Go drive a CTS-V and tell me what other car you can find that offers the same performance and luxury. It beats the M5, RS6, and E63 in virtually every comparo AND costs less, yet most people have the same belief you do.

Comment Re:Epix was one reason they were forced to stream. (Score 1) 294

Agreed... This is a pretty idiotic line of thought. I live in the only state where every single county voted red in the last two presidential elections and have more than one carrier where I can get 48+mbps. The D or R next to the politicians name isn't why he has no high speed access, it is his local government and ISP.

Comment Re:it seems a bit premature. (Score 1) 706

Pure speculation, but I would assume part of this would lend to having traffic go to a webpage where the predominately heterosexual traffic in a country with such archaic punishment for homosexuality would be to NOT having traffic destined for grindr or whatever other dating site. The nature of the confidentiality AM purported to have would be desirable. Again, speculation... But seems logical.

Comment Re:What a clusterfuck (Score 1) 676

The marking of classification level, doesn't impact the classification level. Yes, whoever sent it inappropriately marked has made an error, and should be held accountable. But the difference between classification level is based on TS = poses "grave danger" to US if publicly released / Secret = "serious damage". With Secret information there is some pretty innocuous stuff that can be inadvertently perceived to be unclassified. That isn't the case with TS.

Comment Re:What happened to basic training standards? (Score 1) 86

Can we please keep things on topic and not have every article turn into a gay marriage debate? No? Ok, Let's just get this exo-whatever thing built so we can have more time for our military to attend sensitivity training.

RE sensitivity training: People who are actually IN the military don't complain so much about who they are fighting next to, it's the people that are out or were never in, trust me.

This is extremely true. I was in the Marine Corps during DADT and the repeal. I heard maybe a couple of people complain at the repeal of DADT, and in execution I noticed a grand total of 0 changes, including no decrease in the rampant number of dick and gay jokes.

Submission + - Apple DID conspire to inflate ebook prices, must pay $450 million (

Mark Wilson writes: On the same day that Apple Music launched, Apple received some bad news from the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. In a 2 to 1 vote, judges ruled that the company did conspire with publishers to inflate the prices of ebooks sold through iBookstore, agreeing with a 2013 ruling.

The judges found that Apple had violated federal antitrust law in coming to arrangements with five publishers, resulting in book prices jumping from $9.99 to between $12.99 and $14.99. Two years ago US District Judge Denise Cote said that Apple was "central" to a price-fixing conspiracy. The ruling having been upheld today, Apple will now have to pay $450 million.

Comment Re:Bars thrive (Score 1) 389

Not sure where you're coming from on this; how? Do you think the automated cars are going to be free/cheaper than existing taxi cabs and public transit? Or are you basing this claim on some rationale I have yet to consider?

"To those who say that self-driving cars have nothing to do with Google's core business selling ads, listen up: Google was just awarded a patent for an ad-powered taxi service. The patent, which was first spotted by TechCrunch, would allow advertisers to offer potential customers a free ride to their place of business. This would solve one of the biggest problems for brick-and-mortar retailers: getting customers to their location. The system would offer free or discounted transportation based on an algorithm-powered decision-making process involving the user's current location, the cost of transportation, and the potential profit from a completed sale. The concept is basically a "free ride coupon" and mentioned transportation modes like taxis, trains, buses, or even autonomous vehicles."

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