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Journal Journal: Points of View 1

One of my favorite sayings is "Perception is Truth. Of course, Truth is also Perception."

Our view of how things are comes from our environment and often we consider the way we view things to be the correct way. This is a terrible fallacy and one which limits and blinds our vision of how things could be.

Take for example an argument that piracy is good. Certainly there are arguments that it could be so, but there are arguments that refute that position. You can analyze hard data, you could take opinion polls, you could discuss is ad infinitum with learned people and watch debates between entrenched parties.

But often what comes to form our opinion is nothing more than systematic reactions from our own environment. In other words, the way we have learned to perceive things determines what is "truth" to us. Our perception guides us to what we consider to be true.

But on the other hand, suppose that there is an answer to a given problem. To take my earlier example further, lets say that there is an answer to piracy. Instead of trying to nail down an answer we perceive to be true, we attempt to shift our perception. We take the problem on from a myriad of views, from the commercial parties, the government, the justice system, the public, the users of the works, etc etc. We can perceive the problem in a more global sense and consider further how one might solve it. Instead of forming an entrenched position with our "truth", we attempt to find a truth that encapsulates all parties.

When you consider a problem in a discussion try to alter your perception to find the truth, don't alter the truth according to your perception.

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Journal Journal: Who Me? 1

Kaorimoch comes from the Japanese J-pop singer's name Kaori Mochida from the group Every Little Thing. Damn good singer and great music by the way. I tried to use her name when I logged onto EFNet one day as my username and it cut it back to the 9 letter work Kaorimoch. The name just stuck.

I'm a burned out anime nut who used to run an anime distro. Now I'm just a hard working business guy looking for escape into the world of intellectual discussions to escape the boredom of my existance and the mundane conversations I seem to get into.

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