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Comment Dear Music Corp. Types (Score 1) 541


Seriously, just stop. You're out of control, and despite all of the money you're pumping into the "system" you're still hemorrhaging. I'm not saying give away free music, but at this point it's pretty obvious what you're doing isn't working. It's like seeing a person with a lacerated jugular and offering a band-aid. You're losing the battle and being a bad sport in the process. Nobody likes a sore loser, and EVERYBODY hates a sore loser that won't learn from their mistakes.

So stop. Take step back, take your time and get a GOOD look at the land. There's a path to, maybe not victory, but something better than loss ahead of you. You just need to slow down, realize you're being too rash, and take the necessary steps to un-fuck yourselves. You clearly believe you need to get the "phat loot" for whoever it is you represent (despite the fact that you're taking an unfair cut of that). I'm not saying change what you believe, but if you're gonna put up a fight, at least put up an educated one. You need listeners to spend money so you can make money... and in the process somehow you thought treating everyone as guilty before proven innocent was a good battle plan? You don't just need people to give you money, you need people to WILLINGLY give you money. And that means devising a way to make them WANT to spend their money, NOT forcing them to.



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