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Comment Re:Do not want!! (Score 1) 183

As someone who played his fair share of GT1 through 4, Forza 2 did it for me the most. It was challenging, the physics are great, the tracks are very detailed, there is a great assortment of cars; it's only missing rally. Add that and it would be all I'd want in a racing sim on a console. Now Microsoft would have to also address the issue with the terrible steering wheel. The ps3 gets the Logitech G25, and the 360 is stuck with crap. I must say that one difference is causing me to consider a PS3 when GT5 is launched.

Comment Re:Alienware are overpriced anyway (Score 1) 665

Sorry to prod at you again, but, HP fails in this regards too. Seen many a business grade HP chew through HDD's faster than necessary, suffer from crap batteries, and overheat while making a pile of fan noise just the same as my consumer grade ones. I do have an HP business class machine from 1998/1999, and if I could find a drive adapter for it, I'd still use it. When I finally retired it a couple summers ago it was -still- getting 1.5h from the original battery, and ran debian fantastically. Somewhere between then and now, HP screwed up bad. I will never buy another one of their laptops.

Comment Re:That's so easy I could do it! But I didn't. (Score 2, Informative) 217

Zsnes took everything I ever threw at it. Every rom I tried to play -worked-, even the StarFox II beta was fully playable, and really, really fun. Snes9x choked on it, but zsnes came through. The only SNES games I've had trouble with were using an emulator on my DS, and I believe it's largely because the emulator is still under development. Kirby's superstar doesn't work at all, Link to the Past is playable but has sprite layering issues. Aerobiz Supersonic works awesome, and I wish Koei would pump out a modern version for the ds; given the hours I've put into it recently because I can now take it with me very easily, they'd have my 40 bucks.

Comment Re:A bit too heavy IMHO... (Score 0) 318

You must be a wuss, in highschool I biked a half hour to school, then up to my after school job, and then 45 minutes back home after my shift. I had my work uniform, school texts, binders loaded with paper, and a wallstreet G3. One of the heaviest laptops I've owned. That's an hour and a half daily on a bike with that load, and I never once had a problem. Tightened the straps and hauled ass.

Comment Re:Why is the government even subsidizing this? (Score 1) 591

I live in Alberta, and we have tons of imported cars that are right hand drive and they didn't need headlights replaced if they passed DOT certification. A friend of mine changed the beam focus himself with minor adjustments on his import mitsubishi, not full replacements. So you wouldn't need to convert anything.

Comment Re:Good luck with that. (Score 1) 743

Most new GM's I've driven/ridden in govern out around 140km/h. My 97 Stratus governed out at 180km/h, scared the crap out of me the first time it did it. While yes, that is plenty fast for day to day driving, like you, I feel the need to push the limits given the opportunity to do so safely. I've never owned a serious performance car, but what I do own I've always appreciated the power it can make and used it to my advantage. A '90 Legacy wagon (N/A, AWD, 5spd) is surprisingly powerful and a whole lot of fun in Canadian winters.

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