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Comment Re:sorry, but it's dead (Score 1) 120

I made the switch to Chrome and have been using StrokeIt to get mouse gestures in it (avoiding the plugins that report your browsing). The side-benefit is that I get mouse-gestures for all apps on an app-by-app configurable basis and any gesture that I could possible want or conceive of.

Still miss some features from the old Opera, but 12 was just getting too long in the tooth and even it had gone backwards in some ways from 10.

Comment Re:No, not at all (Score 1) 112

Most likely you'll need a new phone. It's a new frequency so there's different requirements on the hardware and old phones don't have hardware that supports it.

I'm on T-Mobile, and was shopping for a replacement phone early this year (dropped the old one). I'm in a situation similar to yours, but for me it's the building I work in must be half Faraday-cage or something. So Band 12 (TMobile's 700mhz stuff) support was one of the must-haves on my list. Unfortunately back in February-ish very few phones supported it (like 3) the Nexus 6 being one of them (what I got).

I suspect that there's more options now, and would hope that it's showing up in non-flagship devices as well. Look for band 12 support, and realize that some phones have different versions and it's only present on some of them...

It does work though. I'm sitting in my office right now getting a half-strength signal where I used to get none, my phone lasts throughout the day... and every time I check at work it's connected to Band 12.

Comment Re:The Dark Age returns (Score 1) 479

No, plenty of people believe in a supreme being without seeing evidence anywhere, much less everywhere.

You're describing gnostic theists and ignoring the whole set of agnostic theists. In my experience most of the religious people I've met that I consider "good" representatives of their faith fall into this latter camp while the gnostic theists are usually the fundamentalist nutjobs.

Personally the foundation of my faith is my agnosticism. Makes for quite the fun conversation with the fundies here in the south... ;)

That said, I agree with you that gnostic theists are delusional and see evidence where there is none :P

Comment Re:what will be more interesting (Score 1) 662

Might reread the OP; you're in violent agreement with him that the McDonald's case did have merit.

"Of course most of those lawsuits were thrown out at the early stages, or if not turned out to have merit (like the infamous McDonald's "hot coffee" incident)."
can be rephrased as
"Lawsuits not thrown out at the early stages turned out to have merit (like the infamous McDonald's "hot coffee" incident), however most were, of course, thrown out"

Comment Re:imagine (Score 4, Insightful) 43

We don't know. That's one reason to do it.

What does it mean if the survey shows that for a group of 10 stars you have a 95% probability of at least 8 having at least one planet?
What does it mean if the survey shows this for 95% of the surveyed area except for a continuous section where there is only 1 planet per 100 stars?

What new knowledge would come from trying to understand what caused this? Perhaps we discover something new about fundamental physics?

The point is that we don't know what we don't know. This may be what discovers something previously completely unsuspected and with earth-shattering possibilities... or... we could just learn that there's a lot of planets out there and nothing more. But without doing it, there's no chance of discovering the former. Observing what's around us is how we learn more and start to question things we otherwise never would have known even existed to question.

Comment Doesn't take it far enough (Score 1) 347

It's not just general stuff about being able to understand general algorithms and such, it's far more than that. Assuming your school does a good job you'll be learning about how to architect and design... and a lot of that transcends domain boundaries.

The *same* exact skills that I use for architecting software I've used when our systems group didn't do their job and the software team had to take over and produce the needed artifacts (customer required). How you go about defining interfaces between hardware components isn't really any different than what you do to do so between software components.

In fact, I'm now working at developing a business process for a whole new line of business. There's hundreds of government documents regulating it. So... it's take all the same skills that are used in successful software development and apply to this instead. Setup an architecture framework for the process that meets your needs. In this case it's ensure that the regulations are traceable to the process we generate and that the process is created in such a way that certain structural requirements are met. Then it's decomposition to individual subsystems (individual processes) and flowing requirements down and then designing them. It's the same skills behind it all.

Yes, there's domain specific stuff that may not be apropo to what you're *currently* wanting to do. But there is (or should be!) a lot of domain-independent skills that are applicable to a whole wide range of design domains including web design. Learning this set of skills makes it very easy to transition jobs in the future if needs or wants change.

Comment Re:Yeah right (Score 1) 413

With Opera I can right-click on a page say "edit site preferences" go to the scripting tab, and set a javascript folder. It will then load the javascript in that folder followed by the scripting on the page. However, in the javascript in the specified folder that you load, you can use opera-specific extensions to modify/overwrite the subsequently loaded javascript from the site. I'm probably doing a horrible job of explaining as I don't really do web-development stuff. So...

Submission + - Federal Prosecutors tempt the Streisand Effect (

decora writes: "As the case of NSA IT guru Thomas Andrews Drake nears trial, the fur has been flying between the defense and prosecution lawyers. Earlier this week the judge ordered the sealing of a defense motion because the government claimed it contained classified information. The problem? The document had been sitting on the Federation of American Scientists website for several days. Another problem: the document is marked "Unclassified" in big bold letters at the top of the page."

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