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Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

I've seen a lot of newer (mostly post-70s) suburban neighborhoods in the US use speed bumps. The roads also tend to be curvy and not a grid, but that might be more for aesthetics.

They're far from ubiquitous and older neighborhoods are often grids without speed bumps. European cities are much older in general, so I would think there would be a mix too.

Comment Re: (Score 1) 357

you also introduce a form of addiction where the farmer becomes dependent on the chemical. This addiction dooms the farmer to a form of indentured servitude and will eventually result in their exiting the market due to unsustainability.

Specifically talking about roundup ready corn and soybeans here, as that is what I have experience with (and is most of what we deal with here in the US...roundup ready wheat is not nearly as popular, at least in my area). In that context, your comment quoted above is not the case at all. Roundup has always been a cheap and effective way to kill plants, and the introduction of roundup ready crops simply provided another option that happened to be the more economical than most current herbicides and seed used. You basically have four factors:

-Cost of seed
-Cost of herbicide
-Yield of seed
-Effectiveness of herbicide

Combine all of those and you can estimate a profit. In most cases, roundup ready crops gave much better margins, despite having lower yields. Before roundup ready crops, seeds with better yields but more effective herbicides were generally used, and if Monsanto prices either of those too high, their competitors will swoop in and take their business with other herbicides and seed (they actually have done this in some ways already...better options are appearing).

Yes, Monsanto is really shitty about protecting its 'seed copyrights' and apparently does all sorts of other nefarious, especially overseas. And you are absolutely correct in that the environmental concerns are the primary factor. However, 'chemical saturation' is not the main environmental concern with GMO crops. Roundup itself is an old tried and tested chemical, and it breaks down quickly and does not appear to be an issue (though other herbicides may be). The problem I see is in the past ~20 years since the adoption of roundup ready crops, we've seen significant increases in the population of weeds that are immune to roundup, and even some that are definitely more resistant to it than they used to be. Another factor worth mentioning is that pollen from GMO crops is continually called into question with honey bee population decline (though I have no idea personally how big of a factor it is).

There is a big 'chemical saturation' issue that has come to light in recent years. Excessive use of fertilizer (processed or natural) is creating a lot of runoff that wreaks havok on lakes and rivers by feeding toxic algae blooms. But that can happen with any type of crop farming, including organic.

Comment Re:This Doesn't Make Sense (Score 1) 183

It is where the 'Anonymous' identity/idea originated. It's as close to a home as there is. Anonymous is everything from 13 year-olds with LOIC to legitimate hackers with botnets at their disposal. Although reporting on 4chan getting DDoS'd is about like reporting that the sun is going to rise tomorrow morning. It's only news if it doesn't happen.

Comment Re:Maybe this makes cents? (Score 1) 488

Another thought just popped into my head, and that might be that Netflix is trying to actively fracture their customer base to beat on their chest to the content providers that streaming or on demand content is the only means people will access media,

I'm inclined to think this may more actually be the case, based on some recent comments from their CEO. I think they are forcing people to choose, and banking on them choosing streaming, therefore forcing more content to streaming.

Comment Re:Windows/Exchange (Score 1) 222

No, I'm talking about their day-to-day business before we even came along...MS Office docs are the norm in b2b transactions, and as a supplier the burden is kind of on you to take the crap your customer gives you. Some of the employees were just happy to have the more familiar Office comment was, "Oh, good, it's like the one I have at home now."

I won't even start on the cobbled mess his servers were in...however it starts with using WINE to host their ERP and goes downhill from there...

On the bight side, he did get a bunch of people to stop using IE.

And actually FWIW, I set up an Exchange 2k7 server at home (TechNet ftw) a few years back, having never set up an e-mail server, period, and I had it working fine in 2 hours, and it's still running to this day, because I am too much of a procrastinator to update it to 2010...

Comment Re:Windows/Exchange (Score 3, Insightful) 222

That would be a little overkill for 2 users, but it is a good point. I agree with your last statement completely. We acquired a company admin'd by a Linux-obsessed freak, and the people we hired on were quite happy about not having to send the occasional un-openable MS Office doc to the one person with Office to re-save and convert for OO.o use, and how well Exchange handled their email than Zimbra, etc. His over-adamant use of OSS was a hindrance on the business. As a sysadmin, you first obligation is to your employer, not your principles.

Of course, we're both going to get voted down because we are a bunch of MS sellouts, despite a full third of my servers/appliances running Linux and other OSS...

Comment Re:So tired (Score 1) 320

Hmm, I have an idea. How about we use one of the most ferocious predators on the planet...the shark! And then, to make it unique, we need to add something. Something deadly, but impractical, for comic effect. How about lasers? Sharks with frickin' laser beams on their's that?

Comment Re:Why bother with seperate widgets? (Score 1) 161

Not sure where you are getting off accusing games to be bundled with 'crap widgets' ('widgets', seriously?) Xfire was completely 3rd party. I can't think of any games off the top of my head that came bundled with it, though I am sure there were a few. I used it once for like a week and got rid of it, I never used it, though I thought it was a pretty decent application.

I really can't think of any random crap 'widgets' other than Gamespy.../shudder. I'm, sure there are a few other random things I'm forgetting, but it's far from the deluge of crap that you are describing.

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