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Comment Re:Southeast Michigan (Score 1) 654

As for Michigan, it might as well as be non-existent. Rural and suburban areas are always poorly serviced.

In my experience with Michigan's public transportation systems, even urban areas are poorly serviced. I used to work in downtown Detroit--I saw more buses operated by Transit Windsor than by the City of Detroit. And don't get me started on the AATA (sorry, "TheRide")...

Comment Re:Just be honest - it's not for *US* (Score 1) 2219

And please, post any responses IN BAND. That is, on the front page. NOT on the Slashdot beta blog. For the type of communication you need to have with Slashdot users if you want the beta to be a success, that communication needs to be in a place where it's right in front of us, rather than being hidden behind a link.

Comment Re:Y'know (Score 2) 76

That would be why I have the "Google Searches Exactly What You Type" and "gooverbatim" Greasemonkey scripts. They mitigate a lot of the general crappiness of Google search these days. (I started using them after I tried searching for a way to convert from a WPF Visual to a Windows Metafile, and Google kept insisting that I must mean to be searching for 'wmf' and 'metafile' instead of 'wpf' and 'metafile'.)

Comment Re:The cheap one is worthless (Score 1) 244

The only "secure" screw head is one that is custom made for you.

What makes you think that? I work for a company that could not only make the screws for you, but also the bits to remove them for someone else.

(Okay, it'd be a heck of a lot more expensive than some of the other solutions, but...)

Comment Re:They're ALL Betas (Score 1) 237

How much do you want to bet that sometime in the very near future, under Tools | Options (yes, I still use the menus, f*** off), under Advanced, the Update tab will vanish, and all meaningful ability to control Firefox updates will vanish?

If Firefox had had some actual innovative ideas recently, I wouldn't (necessarily) have a problem, but they seem to have been copying Opera and especially Chrome, without actually thinking about WHY Opera and Chrome did what they did. Cargo cult, anyone?

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