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Comment Re:Shilling for Socialism (Score 0) 279

So, you do not want to pay for "ObamaCare"? Now, let's consider what happens if you are seriously injured crossing the street. Possibility 1: You are transported to the nearest hospital. You receive care, without which you would DIE. The hospital have health insurance, so the hospital is compensated for saving your life. Possibility 2: You are transported to the nearest hospital. You receive care, without which you would DIE. The hospital cannot legally refuse to provide you services even though you cannot afford to pay (EMTALA law). This happens frequently at this hospital. Since the doctors and other healthcare professionals do not work for free, the hospital can no longer afford to stay in operation. Possibility 3: You are transported to the nearest hospital. You receive care, without which you will DIE. You are unconscious, and the hospital workers see no proof that you have the means to pay for your care. Since EMTALA no longer exists, the hospital has no legal obligation to treat your injuries, so the allow you to DIE in their surgical pay and sent a bill to your estate for the disposition of your corpse.

The problem is that people don't want to have single-payer, where there is a general tax on the population for health care services, but they don't want to be forced to buy insurance, yet when they need health care, they don't want to be left to DIE.

Comment Re: Intel Common Core i7 (Score 2) 239

The idea of significant figures is to avoid grossly overstating the precision of a measurement (or a calculation involving measurements). For example, if substance A is measured as 25 g with spring-type kitchen scale and substance B is measured as 10.3682 g with a digital analytical balance, it would be misleading to report the result as 35.3682 g.

Taken out of context, without further instructions, the issue about 8 + 5 = 10 is unclear. As an instructor, I suspect that the intend was to see if the student can use the rule for significant figures when performing addition. A student who confuses the sigfig rules for addition and multiplication would conclude that since 8 and 5 each have 1 sigfig, the result should have 1 sigfig.

A couple notes: Numbers with 0 on the right without any decimal point (e.g. 10, 2500) create an ambiguity with sigfigs as to whether those zeros are significant or not. Some authors put a bar over the last significant figure to clarify, but many do not. In fact, one of the textbooks I used --- I believe it was for trig --- changed its practice in a later addition regarding whether those zeros are significant or not.

Comment Re:So, it has come to this. (Score 1, Interesting) 742

Many states are "right to work" states, which actually means the opposite of what it sounds like. In those states, you can be fired for any reason or no reason, so long as if there is a reason, it is not an illegal one. That is, you cannot be fired based on your ethnicity, for example. (At least in theory.)

Comment Re:Compromise: (Score 1) 491

A bus is not a realistic option for many people. A few times I've entered destinations in Google Maps and a trip that should take 10 minutes shows up as requiring 1.5 hours. WTF?! Then realize that I had accidentally clicked the Bus route icon. So let me review my options: I can spend 20 minutes a day for a round trip to school or work, or I can spend 3 hours. I think I'm going to stick with the car.

Comment Re:Compromise: (Score 1) 491

So, what size does my family have to be before I'm "allowed" to buy a certain size vehicle? And what if I have a only a husband and one child, but I spend much of my time, shuttling my child's friends around and working as a volunteer to take elderly people to their medical appointments? Do I have to keep a trip log and signatures of my passengers so that I can get some kind of tax break?

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