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Comment Meh, Ill pass... (Score 1) 147

Played the beta.... Another Korean grindfest MMO. NC Soft's track record is not that great. Their greatest achievements: CoH/V and Guildwars. Decent, but not great. Too many fails to mention. Go look at Wikipedia for a full list. Alot of people claim it has the best graphics of any MMO. AoC had great/best graphics of any MMO Ive seen, but was fail overall. Flying in PvP is lame. Adds another dimension for people to abuse as I can guarantee there are going to be bugs. Those that played DAOC can remember all the bugs water brought on in NF. Ganking lowbies is retarded. Only hastens the death of a server and game even if they are penalized. Leveling that is basically get 20 of object X and bring it to NPC Y to level, and then rinse and repeat that 500 time, equals grind. No MMO is perfect. Christ I beta tested "The Realm" way back in the day. Ive played almost every pay to play every major MMO out there from UO, EQ, DAOC, WoW, Lotro, AoC, And WAR. Im currently playing WAR, but will be quitting when my sub is up. Ive seen Aion, its not for me. I downloaded and reinstalled DAOC last night and am waiting for the new super cluster server to be created. Time to get back to the land of where casters are dangerous but killable and tanks get respect.
Role Playing (Games)

First Age of Conan Expansion On the Way 47

Funcom announced today that they are working on the first expansion to Age of Conan, titled Rise of the Godslayer. In addition to high-level content, it contains new objectives for lower levels as well, in an effort to fill out the leveling process. It also introduces new factions that are at war with each other: "Faction gameplay plays a large role in Rise of the Godslayer, presenting the player with choices that earn them both allies and enemies in Khitai. Through questing and adventure players can advance through faction ranks, rewarding them with treasures such as epic new armor and weapons. Players can choose to continue their adventures with existing characters, acquiring new combat abilities and spells through a robust alternate advancement system, or start over again as a Khitan — an all-new culture." A brief trailer has been posted, and Eurogamer has a more detailed preview of the new content.

Comment Re:Computers are cheap - just get another box. (Score 1) 424

Exactly. a P4 will NOT struggle browsing. in fact my 3.5ghz single core (no HT enabled) P4 Kicks the crap out of all dualcore gaming rigs. Dualcore and Quadcore is useless for gaming.. raw Ghz is what is needed and my really old computer kicks the crap out of the new stuff in gaming.

Yeah, and I have some beach front property to sell you.... A P4 cannot hold a candle to Core2s, i7s, or Phenom2s. I have a Q9650 and an E8400, both @ 4ghz. A P4 cant touch them even in single threaded apps.

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