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Submission + - New Android Smartphones: HTC Amaze 4G (

An anonymous reader writes: It looks like HTC is about to put a new kid on the block with some serious horsepower and bandwidth capabilities. According to a tipster and Droid Sans, the company is testing a new Android device capable of DC-HSPA+ speeds (in Thailand at least), which means a theoretical possibility of 42Mbps data transfers.

The phone in the photos matches previously leaked specs of the HTC Ruby (which the rumor mill says may be called the Amaze 4G for T-Mobile), with a match on the 4.3-inch, 960 x 540 qHD display, 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash, and a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU. The phone also has 1GB of RAM inside, as well as 16GB of storage. We’re told the device is running Android 2.3 with Sense 3.5, though Sense doesn’t appear to be enabled on the prototype being toyed around with in these photos. That’s not totally surprising, as HTC-made, T-Mobile-branded devices only adopt some of the Sense functionality.

The device in these photos appears to be a different color variation than a previously-spied model, though the industrial design of the two units closely matches.

Submission + - SPAM: 2011 Smart Forvision Concept

gonder writes: "Smart Forvision Concept uses materials in the areas of insulation, reflection, lightweight design and energy management. In addition to transparent organic solar cells, transparent and energy-saving light-emitting diodes and infrared-reflective films and coatings, high-performance foams are used for insulation against cold and heat."
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Submission + - Stem cell RBC to make the blood bank obsolete

Babu V Bassa writes: For the first time researchers were able to successfully inject cultured red blood cells created from human hematopoietic stem cells into a human donor, according to a paper published in the Journal of the American Society of Hematology. The annual requirement of RBC is nearly 90 million units in the world. If the technique is brought to practice, a day may come when we will not need a blood bank.

Comment Re:Hurray for some stable Linux left in this world (Score 1) 184

Gnome 2: Move the pointer to the top left. Click once on the appllications menu. Click once on the sub-menu and lastly click on the application laucher. New Gnome 3 Shell: Move the pointer to the top left corner. Move it to the Application link. Click once or more until you hit that link. Now wait... Just a bit more... Once the applications menu appear move the cursor to the right edge of the screen. Click on the menu item once or more until you hit it. Now if you are lucky there will be few items to choose from. Else take a long look at the icons list to find the one you want. If it is not there just scroll down and keep searching.

Submission + - Japan:Caesium measured, melt down may have started ( 5

Anonymous Coward writes: "A japanese media broadcaster (NHK) as well es German and Reuters report a possible start of a melt down in Fukushima 1/1 as caesium, a by product of melt downs was measured near the reactor: 'The government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says nuclear material cesium has been detected near the Number One reactor at the Fukushima Number One nuclear power plant. The agency says the detection indicates that some of the nuclear fuel at the reactor may have started melting, because cesium is produced during a nuclear chain reaction' (NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation)."

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