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Comment Re:Ten points if reading this on your second monit (Score 2) 1002

Oh yes! I love dual screen monitors. 2x22's at work and at home I wanted dual screen so bad I have a 24 and a 17. Proven to make workers more productive. Not sure if it's because they can work on both or keep work on one and Slashdot on the other. That way work occasionally comes in to peripheral vision and reminds them they are supposed to be working.

Submission + - Reviving the RPG in MMORPG

An anonymous reader writes: MMORPGs like World of Warcraft are, to the chagrin of consumers and the delight of publishers, entertaining to the point of being addicting. Yet when the definition of RPG is applied in full, most of these MMORPGs either neuter or flat-out ignore the RPG element. Though the notion at first appears to be a pile of semantic nitpicking (especially given the overwhelming success of these games), a slew of recent updates and a few notable examples prove that the inclusion of the RPG element can be beneficial for all involved parties, and that the ability for players to have lasting influence true to the definition of RPG may turn out to be more a necessity than a nicety.

Comment Stay put for now... (Score 1) 2

Times are uncertain. Stay put for now. More work exp under your belt the better. Most people in IT have to 'pay there dues' at the help desk. To stave off insanity try to find other hobbies that have nothing to do with computers. When your hobby becomes your job you start to hate your hobby and lose it up there. When I went up to Sys Admin I can say my job is alot less stressful but there's usually someone phoning or emailing you with something mondain. IT usually has spots of insanity. No matter what level you get to. I waited 3 years before finding another job. If your current employers treat you ok you should probably stay put. Bide your time and keep an eye out for a better position. Quit AFTER you sign papers. I cannot stress this enough. IT can be very cut-throat, especially in small cities / towns. A shake or verbal contract is not enough. Wait till that ink is dry. Maybe see if your company can help you get certified. Might as well learn something while your biding your time. In finishing, get a hobby that doesn't involve computers this is important to your sanity. I bought a jeep and took up 4x4ing with a local group. Also took up mechanics,to a lesser degree.

Comment I love this game ... 'occasioanal lockups?' (Score 1) 397

Hahahah ... more like completely random and gauanteed to occur within a 2 hour period. And why does VATS casue lag afterwards? So bad that the only way to fix it is to exit the game and start again. for those of you experiencing lockups ... just press ctrl alt delete and end the task. ctrl shift esc does not work. Ah well other then that i love the game so far. It's a pity the censors are so uptight as usual.
The Internet

Submission + - PostNuke Application Framework 0.8 RC1 Released (

HammerHead2000 writes: "Today, the PostNuke Software Foundation released version 0.8 of the Open Source PostNuke Application Framework. The Framework has been completely rewritten since forking from the PHPNuke CMS 5 years ago, and has been designed to allow rapid development of web solutions through the base technologies that the Application Framework provides.

The development team says that the new codebase has an emphasis on the latest standards, including Section 508, and PostNuke has an impressive security record when compared over a similar period with competing projects such as Wordpress and Drupal.

Release Announcement
About PostNuke"


Submission + - Did NASA Accidentally "Nuke" Jupiter?

An anonymous reader writes: Title: Did NASA Accidentally "Nuke" Jupiter? Source: Enterprise URL Source: ml Published: Apr 11, 2007 NASA's decision to finally terminate Galileo in September 2003 via a fiery plunge into Jupiter, was designed to prevent any possible biological contamination of Europa from a future random collision with the spacecraft, once its fuel was exhausted. An engineer named Jacco van der Worp claimed that, plunging into Jupiter's deep and increasingly dense atmosphere, the on-board Galileo electrical power supply — a set of 144 plutonium-238 fuel pellets — would ultimately "implode"; that the plutonium Galileo carried would ultimately collapse in upon itself under the enormous pressures of Jupiter's overwhelming atmosphere and go critical. Noone listened. One month later ... October 19, 2003 — an amateur astronomer in Belgium, Olivier Meeckers, secured a remarkable image, a dark black "splotch" showing up on the southern edge of Jupiter's well-known "North Equatorial Belt," trailing a fainter "tail" southwest (image center). Richard Hoagland Num=183496 has now calculated that, given the slow fall through a highly pressurised atmosphere, it is possible that the splotch is the result of about 50lb of plutonium going critical 700 miles below. Way to go, NASA!

Submission + - Existance of life != Water - Methane - Ozone

Kris_B_04 writes: Why is it so important for certain chemicals to be present in order to discover "life"? I know Water is required for human existence, but why do scientists limit their searches for life on the foundation that all life must be carbon-based?

I mean, you always hear things such as:
"Scientists searching for signs of life beyond Earth are keen to learn about the presence of water on other planets — both in and beyond our solar system — because water is thought to be fundamental to the existence of life."
Signs of water seen on planet outside solar system

The ideas of non-carbon-based life may push the realm of "science fiction" but even traveling to the moon was once "science fiction". It just bothers me that we may have witnessed life on another planet, but scientists were too dense to recognize it AS life.

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