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Comment a number af factual errors in the original article (Score 1) 193

Wrong. Read
Basically, the problem occured when going into a party list, canceling and choosing a different party.
The issue did occur in the voting machine's software, and the central vote collecting system correctly handled, detected the inconsistency, and refused to process the invalid vote data.

Comment Re:Reinvented? (Score 1) 208

Yeah. I want a dual touch-screen clamshell smartphone. Now. One that actually flips open in the right direction, too, you know, the direction so that you can actually use it to call, and so that people can actually hear what you're saying on the other side of the line.

Also, to you smartphone users, I can't hear a thing you say when you call me. Please talk closer to your microphone next time, thank you.

Comment Re:Is there a fork yet? (Score 1) 683

Yes, I already got it all set up back to how it looked and worked originally...
The thing is, if they want to make a browser that looks completely different, then they should just publish it as a new product, instead of replacing what people are using the browser for with what they're using other browsers not for.

That, and, nobody I know likes the new user interface. In fact the majority simply refuses to upgrade, or downgraded after they did upgrade...

Kind of like Windows Vista. Most people only used it because it basically was forced upon them (although personally I found it better than XP...), a whole bunch of people just downgrade their systems, and sure you can configure it to look like classic, but that's not a fix is it?

Comment Re:Consoles Done For? (Score 1) 353

Yup. I've heard from some relatively large companies in the industry that they'll be jumping onto the OnLive system as their target 'console' platform. Only costs the user a comparatively cheap receiver box or a pc, and a broadband internet connection. Game developers also don't need to worry about hackers (as long as the OnLive network itself doesn't get hacked), or illegal copies, and the hardware is all at the provider's side (with quite a few ISPs globally being involved apparently), so there's also no need for the end-user to upgrade any hardware every so many years. Plus it seems they give a 30 minute trial of the full game without network and savegame, for every game in their marketplace it seems, so that's a pretty fair way to try out a game before you buy it. And you can do the 30 minute trial over and over again without costing you anything, if it doesn't bother you to restart the game from the beginning every time.

Comment Re:Memeory Leaks (Score 1) 145

Okay, say, I open a few hundred tabs to Every new tab adds more MB ram used. When I close all those tabs, no ram is freed at all. Usage can easily go up to a GB of ram with opening and closing the page enough times. When I open a new tab to again, more ram is used. That's definitely not a normal cache, it's a memory leaking cache. It's not because it's a cache that it doesn't need to limit it's ram usage.
And they should use the hard disk instead for such a ridiculous > 1GB cache, especially since I also need to be able to run 3ds Max or Adobe Premiere while Firefox is running.
Currently Firefox is using 377MB ram. This is the only tab open.

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