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Comment Re:listen to scientists (Score 2, Informative) 385

That's some lovely insights you have there. Do you actually have any experience in an emergency service to back up you up your claims (none of which are correct)? I certainly hope that next time you are trapped in a vehicle covered in blood and sitting in your own shit and vomit, your flesh all broken and mangled and your eyes hanging our of their sockets that society can spare $50 in fuel to pay for extra services to be directed your way. If they aren't needed, well they can return to station.

Road Crash Rescue (RCR) is vastly different than it once was even 10 to 15 years ago. If you doubt me, go to your nearest station and ask them to show you the equipment on the truck and about the training they undertake to be RCR qualified. They can explain to you how many tasks they have to complete in a very limited timeframe and you can learn for yourself why two trucks are often needed. Even you want to play the numbers game about costs, you will find that the huge medical and rehabilitation costs to get people back to being productive members of society vastly outweigh the relatively small cost of having extra emergency service personnel attend and assist at the initial stages of a RCR.

So while I can appreciate that as a taxpayer while you are sitting at home nice and safe you can think about how much something costs. I hope that you can also appreciate that when I get to an incident I have more important things to think about.

Comment Re:Frustrated by the lack of manged updates. (Score 1) 365

Open source costs nothing?
It's the time consuming necessity of manual upgrading hundreds of machines which stops me deploying more apps in government. I may not be the system admin at the governmental organisation you work at but then again I might be. I will install deploy firefox, openoffice and a open source media player in our next SOE if you can show me a reliable, simple system which will allow me to update the above programs through a single interface without repackaging/recompiling/wasting time each individual app or update.

Just like every other employee I need to CMA and part of my job is to be the person responsible for every outdated and insecure app on our network.

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 623

Sure some jobs have respect but respect isn't everything. Frankly I found my full time shifts as a firefighter boring: Clean the truck check the equipment. Wait. Do an inspection. Wait. Clean the station. Wait. Do some skills / drills. Wait. Wait. Wait. Get a cat down from a tree. Wait. Wait Wait. Did I mention the waiting?

IT on the other hand, there's always something going on (and I still moonlight as a firefighter so I still get to go to all the good jobs anyway, I'm just a few minutes behind the full time crew).

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 623

Well I find my IT job a pleasant change from my other job as a firefighter where I'm in the public eye, TV crews, people thinking you can do anything (and expecting you to do everything for them no matter how lame (ie finding their lost "pedigree" dog)) and most of all the unjustified hero worship.

The two two jobs are actually very similar: Troubleshooting, helping people, lateral thinking, consistency and always, always, have a backup, the more the better. I enjoy both jobs equally (for different reasons) so if you are finding IT not as rewarding as you would like, retrain yourself and try something different (like volunteer /part-time firefighting on the side. (The hardest part about it for me was getting over my self doubt to actually turn up to join.)).

Comment Re:End of an era? (Score 1) 128

Just to add a data point to the discussion: When I owned and operated a bookstore some of the most commonly purchased books were the classics. These newly printed books are out of copyright and were bought and sold cheaply ($5) despite being available for free elsewhere (Project Gutenburg). For works that are not protected by copyright there is still a viable market for those works to be reproduced, bought and sold.


Submission + - Top Ten Strangest or Cruellest Science Experiments 1

aalobode writes: "The Times of London has a current story based on the review of a book by Alex Boase, Elephants on Acid and Other Bizarre Experiments. There they list the top science experiments — including the one from which the book gets its name — that were conducted by otherwise sane humans who tragically or otherwise ignored the effect of their research on the subjects themselves. Nowadays, most institutions have a review board for research on human subjects which would flag most proposals that could lead to harm for the subjects, but not so in the past. See for yourself at the url"
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Low budget open source VGA compatible video card ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Seeing how the Open Graphics Project is only making slow progress, a new card is being developed by a few students to get a fast, simple and above all cheap video card out the door. Started just two months ago, they're already nearing completion of the circuit board. It sports a reasonably sized reprogrammable FPGA which should kickstart development of a full-fledged open source video card in the future, and the design currently only costs about a hundred euro.

Submission + - Police issue Death Threats to Man with Camera 9

An anonymous reader writes: Cops in St. Louis have taken objection over a local man filming their abuses of power, and have responded with death threats, and stalking. The guy they're harassing installed a pretty neat video system in his car after having received a speeding ticket that he that was unfair. What he ended up catching on tape was far worse than a speeding ticket. Luckily the news has picked up on it, so he is probably out of immediate danger.

Submission + - Satellite images show Myanmar abuses ( 1

Lucas123 writes: "Satellite images that resulted from a year-long study just released by The American Association for the Advancement of Science, human rights campaigners and commercial satellite providers show evidence from above that Burma's military-led government has engaged in a long campaign of destroying villages and relocating villagers. "Human-rights groups say that more than 3,000 villages have been destroyed in an effort to crush opposition to the junta. Civil unrest in Myanmar has created 1.5 million refugees and 500,000 internally displaced people, and 1,300 political prisoners are in jail, according to human-rights reports.""
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Should game reviewers penalize for excessive DRM? 3

An anonymous reader writes: The highest rated PC game on the market, Bioshock, also happens to contain an unusually agressive implemention of Sony's Securom DRM software. The single-player only game requires internet activation with serial key entry before it can be run. It can be installed and uninstalled on a PC a maximum of 5 times, after which it will permit no further reinstalls. The game also will not run without the install DVD present in the computer's drive, despite having activated online and placed Securom on the user's computer — without the user's consent. This has created a bizarre situation where game reviewers are positively gushing about just how good Bioshock is, and ordinary gamers who have bought the PC version intensely dislike its agressive protection system even if they like the game itself. Does a game that limits basic user rights like installing and uninstalling a game as many times as is necessary deserve scores like 10/10 and 95%? Or should game reviewers base their review on the complete product experience and penalize a game for overzealous activation and anti-piracy checks while rewarding games that do not burden the buyer with troublesome DRM, online activation and disc-in-the-drive with a higher score?

Submission + - Preorders open for 230MPG car ( 4

m4ximusprim3 writes: Aptera Automotive, maker of the Aptera 230mpg diesel hybrid is now taking $500 "pre orders" for the car, which is scheduled to go into production in 12 months.

The Vehicle seats two people side by side, gets 230mpg at 55mph, has a trunk large enough for a surfboard, and goes from 0-60 in less than 10 seconds.

And, it looks like a fish!

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