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Comment Re:$450 Million (Score 0) 97

So that means that as long as you make loads of profit in other markets, you're able to screw over one market with little risk.

A company that has so much clout that it can control a market, screw up that market and essentially get away with a slap on the wrist (when considering overall profits) will still not have any incentive to change its behaviour.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 323

I would rather choose to work for an asshole who knows what he's doing than for a nice bumbling idiot.

Also from what I've seen, Linus seems to be focused on delivering quality and only slagging off people who try to weasel in poor quality code and/or have a consistent record of delivering poor code.

I am very sure that if Linus would be more accepting of poor quality code and behaviour that Linux would have died off long ago

Comment Re:It's finally time (Score 2) 314

Yes and the cost of insurance for citizens has gone through the roof since then, while the insurance companies have been making record profits year after year, while at the same time every year that same insurance gets you less and less coverage.

Obviously the market at work.

Capitalism should provide competition in a free market (which itself is a fiction, so the whole concept is flawed to begin with), on top of that it assumes that sellers will provide the least amount of service/product for the maximum amount of money.

See how that works out when healthcare is the service.

Comment Re:Transparency in Government is good! (Score 1) 334

voting only changes something when the electorate is educated and voters take their voting duty seriously

A good first step towards achieving this is ensuring that higher education is available for everyone with the required aptitude in a society. Increase in the cost of education coupled with stagnant wages has ensured that a good education is only viable for a relatively small elite and people willing to live a life of indentured servitude after finishing up your degree.

Though I'll probably be branded a commie or socialist for even suggesting this by some.

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