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Comment Re:18 U.S. Code S 2319 - Criminal infringement of (Score 1) 72

US laws only apply to events within US jurisdiction.

A company operating from New Zealand does NOT fall under US jurisdiction.

What you're implying, would make Saudi Arabian law enforceable in the US. I'd like to see someone being extradited to SA from the US for being pro-democracy, something which apparently gets you crucified (literally) in SA.

Unless of course, you're attempting to imply that US law should be enforceable everywhere else, but the reverse should not be the case.

Comment Re:Not Selling stolen stuff (Score 1) 72

they didn't remove infringing material when put on notice

1) This was a New Zealand company, not subjected to US law, however much you'd like US law to apply world-wide.

2) The company did actually comply to DMCA requests as a courtesy and was actually asked by the FBI to retain certain copyright infringing material. These FBI requested files, are now being used to prove that copyright was being infringed. Even though this was only retained at the behest of the FBI.

Comment Re:Very Basic Income (Score 3, Insightful) 618

Who's fault is it that you have to work 16 hours to provide for your family? Maybe you should start voting for people who favour labour laws that make sure that you're able to survive on 8 hour shifts, instead of people who feel that people are replaceable cogs in a machine that can be burnt out and replaced at will. The person getting 'free money' is the opportunist paying you peanuts for your time (the only real resource you have that can never be replenished).

Comment Re: Widely Used!!!! (Score 1) 446

The government should be like the OS of a computer - a microkernel, if you will. Just do what's basic - protect the citizens from both internal and external threats, and do nothing else.

Instead, governments are starting to become like systemd. Encroaching on functionality that it should not be touching, until we have systemDOS.

Comment Re:Do I have this right? (Score 1) 183

Don't care about the crops being modified themselves. I am concerned about crop that contains more than just trace amounts of weed-killers like round-up, because the crop has been made resistant when you buy it in the shop. Crop that altered to be more resistant to disease or grows better in dry regions, seems to be quite different and not objectionable.

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