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Comment Re:Why not? (Score 2) 689

The fact that it is a "religious" procedure is exactly what's being ridiculed in this post, but oh well.

And it is NOT medically beneficial. The only thing that was long established were the claims of it being beneficial, once actual scientific studies were done they overwhelmingly showed that it was completely without effect (except for the risk of complications coming from the procedure.

Comment Re:Of course... (Score 1) 413

Personally, I would have preferred Diane Wood as well. Kagan is too anti-civil rights and too pro-corporate for my taste.

But how a single episode of temporary nerves is supposed to indicate an incompetence to ask pertinent questions, I don't get.
I imagine rising to the position of Dean of Harvward Law School is one hellishly competitive endeavor that would require the amounts of assertiveness and competence a SCTOUS nominee should have.

I'm willing to discuss (and conceivably concede) the judge vs. lawyer point though: What exactly is it that a judge has to be able to do that a good lawyer/law professor doesn't?

First Person Shooters (Games)

Code Review of Doom For the iPhone 161

Developer Fabien Sanglard has written a code review for id Software's iPhone port of Doom. It's an interesting look into how the original 1993 game (which he also reviewed to understand its rendering process) was adapted to a modern platform. "Just like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom was rendering a screenframe pixel per pixel. The only way to do this on iPhone with an acceptable framerate would be to use CoreSurface/CoreSurface.h framework. But it is unfortunately restricted and using it would prevent distribution on the AppStore. The only solution is to use OpenGL, but this comes with a few challenges: Doom was faking 3D with a 2D map. OpenGL needs real 3D vertices. More than 3D vertices, OpenGL needs data to be sent as triangles (among other things because they are easy to rasterize). But Doom sectors were made of arbitrary forms. Doom 1993's perspective was also faked, it was actually closer to an orthogonal projection than a perspective projection. Doom was using VGA palette indexing to perform special effect (red for damage, silver for invulnerable...)."

Comment Guenter is an attention whore (Score 5, Interesting) 374

As spiegel.de, where I first read about Guenter Verheugens plans, says: "It's a nice idea, but 7 years too late, and your doing it for publicity only!" This commissions' term is nearly over (or at least close enough to being over for this plan to not have a rat's asses chance of being implemented while Guenter is still in office). Thus I can only agree with spiegel's assessment: Verheugen wants to go out with something attentiongrabbing (hereby accomplished) and those plans will be put back into a drawer once he leaves office.

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