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Comment 9/80 is awesome. (Score 1) 1055

I work a 9/80 schedule right now. It's really good because:
1) You can schedule your vacations to coincide with your 9/80 Friday, so you don't need to take a vacation day that day.
2) You can schedule all sorts of doctor/dentist appointments for that day.
3) Gives you a day to catch up on doing stuff around the house.
4) It's super flexible, at least at my company. If I need to take a day off during the week for some reason I can just make it up on the 9/80 Friday I would usually have off. Or if I need to leave early for a few days out of the week, I can just come in on that Friday and make up the time.
5) I have never been pulled into work on that Friday, unless it was by my own decision.
6) On the Fridays that are not 9/80, it's exciting because you can leave an hour early!
7) I still have time to do whatever. Yesterday I went to the gym and out to dinner.

Comment Re:Why so serious? (Score 2, Informative) 210

You're right, AT&T locks you into a service. But you're wrong about the phone aspect. You can not just go in and get a new phone by signing a new 2-year agreement. You need to have had your old phone for a certain period of time (that varies by the type of plan you're on).

FishWithAHammer was saying that you can't upgrade without paying full retail price to AT&T, or by saving a bit of money buying it online. Either way, you're out a large chunk of money unless you're eligible to upgrade.

Comment Re:Encryption is good for security, bad for perfor (Score 4, Interesting) 480

I work with the DoD on a classified program. You're right, we don't use encryption on any of our desktops, but the only reason is because you go through 2 security gates with guards, then finally enter a closed room with a giant digital lock with a badge swipe and keypad on the door, not to mention a giant separately digitally controlled deadbolt in addition to the digital lock.

You better bet your ass that we use whole-disk encryption on any machine that would leave the building, though (such as laptops). And those are unclassified!

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