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Comment Re:AT&T? (Score 4, Insightful) 225

All AT&T said was that they didn't want to favor Google over other providers. We have to assume that they meant Apple. And why would they? They have a sweet deal with Apple. How is this in anyway hypocritical or evil? AT&T favors Apple, so they don't join.

People just look for any reason to be mad at someone.

Submission + - Google Maps API or Microsoft Live Maps?

KSobby writes: "The organization that I work for is going to be redoing our website in .Net/AJAX. On the site, our members will have profile pages listing where their organizations are located (our members are scattered throughout the world) as well as other pertinent information for the general public. It is a non-profit organization, so funds are tight. My question to you, dear /. readers is this: If we include maps, which API do we go with: Google or Microsoft? We're in a Microsoft environment (hold the snickers, we're non-profit and Microsoft basically gives us everything for free so there is a sense of loyalty there) but the ubiquity of Google may be enough to sway us. Has anyone used either extensively? Used them in conjunction with .Net? Finding rational opinions online dealing with anything Microsoft is next to impossible, but I'm hoping one or two /.'ers come through."

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