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Comment Re:Blame the developers (Score 1) 477

Actually we were camped on Lake Sacajawea and they have a policy that there is only to be camping on the lake in designated camping grounds. Well, these are about 30 miles apart there and as the lake was, ironically in light of this post, very low, they were also about a half a mile from the water through impenetrable brush. My son and I camped and we saw them frantically wave to us from the boat landing area but as they would have had to walk through about 500 yards of marsh to get to us I waved back then ignored them. They chose not to trek over to my campsite and drove away after about ten minutes of trying to reacquire my attention.

Comment Blame the developers (Score 5, Interesting) 477

Yeah. Yeah. Well I happen to live in Bismarck, one of the cities currently flooding. Although I sure they would have done things differently now, they have always warned this town that this was a possibility. Every time a huge development went in down by the river, the Corps was against it, but money talks and the city and county commissioners approved the measure, drooling over the taxes they'd get from million dollar houses on 150,000 dollar lots. I mean these people built several peninsulas of land out into the river so everyone could have water access. They took a great wetland area next to the river and forced its destruction through the meetings. This has happened on dozens of occasions, and now they are all yelling at the Corps. The Corps has constantly taken heat for the dam being too empty the last few decades and not considering tourism. The meetings have been rancorous to say the least. I'm not a big Corps fan having been in a bit of trouble with them myself (camping while canoeing on corp land) but let's put the blame where it really lies. With the developers who masterminded restructuring a river for their own profits. The Blessed Atheist Bible Study @

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