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Comment Global warming is not the issue ICE AGE is. (Score 0) 469

We want all the global warming we can get as fast as we can get it to help reduce the massive human die off in the coming ice age. Yes the ice age will come, no we cannot warm the planet significantly with CO2 due to the fact we have plants everywhere which convert it back to oxygen. We will want to do even more like figuring out how to release massive amounts of methane and figure out how to lengthen its half life in the atmosphere beyond 7 years. Soon all of Canada and half of the US will be covered in a half mile thick sheet of ice and there will be water to grow crops that is not locked in ice. OR You can do absolutely nothing but waste your own time by lowering your carbon foot print? You decide.

Submission + - Comcast Support Humor

KIDputer writes: user George_ has entered room George(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:22:18 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> People are telling me they cannot email comcast.net because we are blacklisted. I need to know why we were blacklisted and lastly what we can do to get un black listed. analyst Amber has entered room Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:22:25 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Hello George_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Amber. Please give me one moment to review your information. Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:22:41 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Hi George, how are you today? George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:23:10 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Well marginal. I need to find out why we were blacklisted and how to negotiate so we can be white listed. George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:23:22 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:23:36 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> wilma.dmu.edu George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:24:01 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> do you have any complaints about us because we have a zero tolerance policy on spam Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:23:59 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> I apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused you. Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:24:42 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> I understand, George, that you cannot access your comcast.net email. Is that correct? George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:25:18 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> No I am a network admin for Des Moines University and we are getting bounces from Comcast.net George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:25:27 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> I am trying to resolve the issue George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:25:56 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists: support@comcast.com An error occurred while trying to deliver this message to the recipient's e-mail address. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator. The following organization rejected your message: pacdcedge01.cable.comcast.com. George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:26:05 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> comcast.com is fine George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:26:22 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> comcast.net is not deliverable it gets delayed and ultimately fails Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:26:59 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> I understand, George. George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:27:04 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> I need to know if there was a complaint Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:27:11 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Let me assist you with your concern. George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:27:15 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> specifically about this email subject: Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:27:42 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> In order for me to assist you with your concern, I need to verify your account. To verify your account, may I have the name of the account, full service address and account number please? George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:27:56 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Subject: Questions about Podiatric Medicine? DMU is here for you! George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:28:11 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Are you joking George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:28:37 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> I am not a comcast customer I am a university administrator trying to fix the comcast email issue George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:28:46 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:26:59 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> I understand, George. George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:28:52 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> you do??? George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:29:08 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Please just let me know who to call. George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:30:10 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> So I am trying to email your customer and cannot see. George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:30:20 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> hello Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:30:59 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Did you try to clear cache and cookies? Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:31:23 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Disable firewall and security softwares? George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:31:27 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> No but I ate some for lunch, did you smoke your lunch? George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:31:41 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> This is an email SERVER issue George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:31:54 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> what is the next lebvel of support Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:32:14 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> What I am asking is did you try to optimize your browser?? George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:33:04 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> This is an issue specifically between the DMU.edu email server and the email server at comcast pacdcedge01.cable.comcast.com. George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:33:38 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> This has nothing to do with a browser and the only thing you are doing is delaying my support George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:34:48 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> the SMTP server here is reporting a delay followed by a rejection for SMTP traffic to the comcast server pacdcedge01.cable.comcast.com. can you direct me to the person that may be able to understand and hopefully fix this issue George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:35:30 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> How many other folks are you multitasking with? George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:36:07 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Are you still there Amber George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:36:13 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Hello Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:36:43 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> George, are you using webmail or an email client? George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:37:27 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> That information is irrelevent but if you insiste Outlook 2007 Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:37:43 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> okay. Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:37:57 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> let me check the configuration. George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:38:07 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> The bounce message is from your server so the message is getting there. George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:38:20 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> I can email comcast.com just not comcast.net George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:38:52 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> bedris@comcast.net produces a bounce message after a delay message. Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:39:03 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> That is why we need to check if there is something wrong with the configuration. Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:39:33 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> we need to check if the server is correct George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:39:50 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Amber put down the help book take a deep breath and let me know the number of the email server system admin so I can see if Our email server is blacklisted Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:40:04 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> what operating system are you using? George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:40:23 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 64 bit George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:40:31 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> With Exchange 2007 George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:41:35 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Seriously you are jerking my chain right? Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:42:32 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> No I am not George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:42:54 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Do you actually know so little about what you are doing that you have no idea how to tell the difference between a customer with a webmail browser issue and a University administrator trying to track down and resolve an SMTP bounce message generated by your email server bedris@comcast.net Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:43:45 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Can you please check if the incoming and outgoing servers are correct. incoming mail server is mail.comcast.net and outgoing mail server is smtp.comcast.net George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:44:02 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> sorry paste error the server is pacdcedge01.cable.comcast.com. no the email address I pated previously George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:45:19 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> So are you giving me permission to resove this case by allowing the entire University students and staff to use the Comcast email servers instead of the university email server wilma.dmu.edu? George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:46:14 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> That would solve the case but we would need to reconfigure the email for 6500 people spead accross 50 states. George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:47:03 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> It would be easier just to speak with someone that had knowledge of the email server pacdcedge01.cable.comcast.com. and why it is giving bounce messages to email messages sent from wilma.dmu.edu Amber(Wed Feb 18 2009 15:48:48 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> I apologize, George. You need to call this number 1-800-391-3000 for them to assist you with your concern. George_(Wed Feb 18 2009 14:49:40 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time))> Thanks I am glad you finally showed signs of intelligence, I was beginning to have doubts you were a monkey!

Comment Finally a Judge/Lawyer with a spine (Score 0) 349

A whitepaper defense to the RIAA litigation machine. Finally a lawyer/judge worthy of pulling from the bottom of the sea ;) I am surprised the EFF is not doing this type of thing or even more. This is a good start. I feel we need to make a whole multitude of this type of information available and even make a kit available on the Internet for lawyers unfamiliar with this type of case law. Of course realizing it will also be used by the RIAA for it's closing arguements :) Working together we can at least have a day in court instead of just shelling out thousands of dollars in the name of fear which is so anti-US.

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