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Comment Re:Democracy? (Score 1) 224

slightly off-topic:
"If this was successful... whats next, the auto theft movement for "Rightfully freeing car from their owner for anyone to use."?"

Car sharing is actually a very good idea. :)

Not that people should be forced to share cars they own, but a more extended use of car sharing, PRT and public transports would be very good.


PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Freedomware Gamefest 2007 begins soon (freedomware-gamefest.com)

libervisco writes: "Freedomware Gamefest 2007 has been founded to promote Free Software gaming as well as gaming on Free Operating Systems such as GNU/Linux, to show that the gaming world at large is not limited to proprietary offerings on proprietary platforms such as Microsoft Windows. It is a first international online event featuring a multitude of tournaments as part of a single happening and with games that are only Free Software. It will feature a number of tournaments for games like Nexuiz, OpenArena, Tremulous, Armagetron Advanced and more, depending on community interest. The latest official announcement is available here."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - FOSS Gaming Tournament (nuxified.org)

An anonymous reader writes: "Nuxified.org and Cluenet.org are preparing to hold a Free Software gaming tournament. Its purpose is to promote gaming in the Free Software world, on operating systems such as GNU/Linux, and *BSD and show that gaming is not limited to proprietary platforms such as Microsoft's Windows."
"Since this is about promoting games which are Free Software, a question of "how free must it be" becomes relevant. There are basically two major elements of a game, the engine (actual code and logic behind the game) and the data (game art such as maps and textures). For this tournament to make any sense as one of promoting Free Software games the tournament will not accept games which have an engine that is not under one of the Free Software licenses, so what remains to be decided is the freeness of game data (art basically)."

For this purpose you are invited for a vote on the following poll: Which games should be selected for the upcoming tournament?
The Nuxified team even asked Richard M. Stallman for a response on the issue of game art and got one. :)

If you want to participate please sign up here!
You can even suggest more FOSS multiplayer games for the tournament.
Windows and Mac users are also welcome since most FOSS games also run on those platforms. :)

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