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Comment Re:I wouldn't (Score 2) 557

Conduit from a central "network closet" to multiple places in each room (3 or 4) - It's future proof. Make sure a string is also ran long with the cables (especially if it's not point to point). The string makes pulling cables easy - just tie the cable and a new piece to the end and pull the other end.
Big conduit between the "network closets" on each floor.
I'd also run (4 conductor) power cables from the breaker box to each outlet/switch INDIVIDUALLY - no need to worry about not having enough power at an outlet; also doing things like home automation easier.
Also if you're having a fireplace w/ a mantle, put an outlet above the mantle (hidden) and run a conduit from above the fireplace (right above mantle) to somewhere (either network closet or space nearby) - never know when you'll want to put something AV related (or just needs power, eg christmas lights) on the mantle.

Comment Re:FYROM (Score 4, Informative) 36

Airspace is completely different than towers. Most airspace is actually controlled remotely. The higher up the plane is the more likely the controlling "tower" will be further away. Most airspace is inverted cone shaped - The FAA has a whole page describing the various airspace classifications in the U.S. - and the procedure for hand-offs between various control authorities. Towers have to manage things like who gets the run way and who gets what taxiway - completely different. And generally requires visual verification of what plane is where (especially ground control)

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Not only did they solve a problem that already has an answer.. they solved a problem where multi-billion dollar implementation (no matter the actual answer) has been implemented and has proven successful

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