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Comment DIAF, Rob Malda! (Score -1) 238

Comments from KD? Come on. Forgot your meds today, Rob? Unknown Lamer deserves the electric chair. Soulskill needs to be robbed and then punched in the face with a S.W.A.T. style battering ram, and then kdawson needs to be slapped around in a pit of nitric acid and then hung up to dry.

You slashdot editors SUCK and ALL need to be replaced with people who might have picked up a little English in primary school.

Comment Re:THIS IS NOT NEWS FOR NERDS!!! (Score -1) 242

Mod this up, it's not offtopic, its a meta comment that deserves to be seen and read.

Really, this story couldn't even be defined in any of slashdot's main topics, so its "news". Well, i just took a massive shit this morning, is kdawson going to post a front page story on that also?

I'm also wondering what kdawson's thoughts are on the housing bubble in the US, and where he thinks mortgage rates are heading in the future.

So am I. Lynch KDAWSON.

Comment Hey KDAWSON! Please PROOFREAD your summaries. (Score -1, Troll) 237

The crew - a German engineer, a French airline pilot, and four Russians - will spend the next 105 days living in a minimally furnished facility erected in a hanger on the outskirts of the Russian capital.

So, like a coathanger, or what? Or, did you mean an airplane hangar?

Quite sad. Say, still got that submission auto-accept script set as a cron job, aye, Keith?

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