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Submission + - EA Outs Battlefield 4, Plans to Charge $70 For New Games (neogaf.com)

Justus writes: A post at NeoGAF and IGN show that a quickly-removed Origin advertisement for Medal of Honor: Warfighter reveals plans for Battlefield 4 and a new-game cost of $70. With Battlefield 3 DLC promised through 2013 and PC games cheaper than ever with things like the Steam Summer Sale, are gamers ready to buy Battlefield 4 at next-gen pricing?
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Bioshock's Cropped Widescreen

Justus writes: As mentioned on Kotaku, Widescreen Gaming Forum, and the official 2k Games forum, Bioshock's widescreen mode allows you to view more of the sides of the image at the expense of viewing area on the top and the bottom. This issue affects both Xbox360 and PC users of the game. Since the FOV is not corrected for widescreen, many users have complained of motion sickness caused by the resulting 'zoomed in' look the picture has. A detailed image of the problem is available.

Submission + - EA's "Invasion of Privacy" Policy

Justus writes: Gamers with Jobs has posted an article covering EA's privacy policy for Xbox Live users. In a nutshell, by using an EA game over Xbox Live, you are automatically creating an 'EA Online' account and granting Electronic Arts the ability to collect your name, address, and credit card information, as well as a variety of demographic information about how you use their products. Not only that, they explicitly say that they may tie these demographics to your personal information — no anonymous aggregation here! When Gamers with Jobs asked EA and Microsoft about these issues, they were met with stony silence, a fact they attribute to the pending release of the new Madden game next week. Without an official comment from the companies involved, it certainly looks like EA has the most invasive privacy policy they could come up with.

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