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$230 isn't the problem  *Thursday August 21, 2014 @09:49AM 7 5, Insightful
   attached to Study: Ad-Free Internet Would Cost Everyone $230-a-Year
Re:There is this button.  *Wednesday April 30, 2014 @05:31PM 5 5, Insightful
   attached to Distracted Driving: All Lip Service With No Legit Solution
Re:Brake Pedal  *Thursday March 27, 2014 @05:57PM  2
   attached to Prototype Volvo Flywheel Tech Uses Car's Wasted Brake Energy
Re:Use both  *Friday March 07, 2014 @02:14PM 1 2
   attached to Physics Forum At Fermilab Bans Powerpoint
Re:Question  *Wednesday February 26, 2014 @02:24PM 6 5, Interesting
   attached to Interview: Ask Richard Stallman What You Will
Re:Here's the problem, vehicle designers  *Wednesday February 19, 2014 @12:38PM  2
   attached to A New Car UI
Re:Real question  *Friday February 07, 2014 @12:26PM 1 5, Informative
   attached to Graphene Conducts Electricity Ten Times Better Than Expected
Re:Kill Beta!  *Thursday February 06, 2014 @05:09PM  2
Re:blind leading the blind?   *Thursday February 06, 2014 @05:02PM 1 5, Interesting
   attached to Military Electronics That Shatter Into Dust On Command
Re:Begun they have...  *Thursday February 06, 2014 @04:37PM 2 5, Insightful
   attached to The Standards Wars and the Sausage Factory
Re:We'll go aggressively passive-aggressive then  *Thursday February 06, 2014 @02:19PM 1 2
   attached to Is Intel Selling Bay Trail Chips Below Cost?
Re:Dice have already written off Slashdot  *Thursday February 06, 2014 @02:12PM 3 5, Insightful
Re:So, about Beta  *Thursday February 06, 2014 @01:53PM 1 2
   attached to Amazon's Double-Helix Acquisition Hints At Gaming Console
Re:Fork Slashdot?  *Thursday February 06, 2014 @10:35AM 3 5, Insightful
   attached to Build an Open-Source Electric Car In About One Hour
Re:I'd use it...  *Wednesday November 27, 2013 @11:54AM  5, Interesting
   attached to Google Launches Voice Search Hotword Extension For Chrome
Re:Why would you do this  *Thursday June 20, 2013 @04:39PM  5, Informative
   attached to Pinholes and Plastic Wrap Make Solid Walls "Transparent" To Sound
Re:Got it backwards  *Thursday May 23, 2013 @09:39AM  2
   attached to One-Time Pad From Caltech Offers Uncrackable Cryptography
Re:Isn't this just a frictionless surface?  *Wednesday May 01, 2013 @11:28AM 1 2
Re:Isn't this just a frictionless surface?  *Wednesday May 01, 2013 @10:00AM 4 5, Informative
   attached to Physicists Attempting To Test 'Time Crystals'
Re:He's right  *Sunday April 21, 2013 @11:47AM 1 5, Insightful
   attached to Terrible Advice From a Great Scientist
Re:Theory  *Thursday February 14, 2013 @03:26PM 9 5, Interesting
   attached to Elon Musk Lays Out His Evidence That NYT Tesla Test Drive Was Staged
Re:Can't Go Backwards  *Wednesday February 13, 2013 @01:49PM  2
   attached to Ask Slashdot: Why Is It So Hard To Make An Accurate Progress Bar?
Re:Let's look at what their record has been?  *Monday December 17, 2012 @03:08PM  2
Re:Let's look at what their record has been?  *Monday December 17, 2012 @02:59PM 4 5, Interesting
   attached to IBM Predicts the Next 5 Years of Computing

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