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Comment Re:Insourcing (Score 1) 170

The cost of living in San Francisco is 68% more than Kansas City (source: According to Brooking's Institute report the average salary for a tech job is 96% more (source: So it all depends where you fall in that spectrum. I wouldn't be surprised if some one-percenters are skewing the San Francisco average. Last time I compared salaries, it was less than a 50% increase for me to work at Apple, but I didn't compare any other companies.

Comment Re:We deserve this guy (Score 1) 496

From the article (emphasis mine):

If you are interested in what vote share can tell us -- and we’ll focus on this for the rest of this article -- we can just add up the total number of votes cast for all Democratic candidates and Republican candidates in the 2010, 2012 and 2014 elections, using Dave Leip’s election atlas as a source. It works out to 103 million votes for Democrats to 98 million votes for Republicans: a difference of 5 million votes, or 2.5 points. This is still a meaningful difference between the share of votes cast for Democrats and the share of seats that they won, but it isn’t the outrageous result that Vox headlined.

Comment Re:Bitstamp hack..... (Score 1) 114

If you are going to the effort of putting them in a bank anyway, why not just convert them to real money and earn interest in the bank on a term deposit, then you get the benefit of it being in a bank AND having banking regulation and government backed insurance if the bank is robbed, goes bankrupt etc etc.

Because that interest will not cover inflation.

Comment Re:Thats why I keep my money in petro-dollars. (Score 1) 114

It's hard to buy or sell bitcoin with fiat currencies (e.g. US Dollar). Online exchanges facilitate that. Why people keep it in online wallets for an extended period of time? Maybe they trust professionals to lock down their business better than they can lock down their own PC. Plus you have to work about disk corruption etc.

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