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Comment Yes! Facebook+ (Score 1) 88

The discoverability of these features is almost as important as their existence.
In place privacy controls let people make informed choices about what gets shared instead of having to correlate unclear descriptions from privacy settings page with the GUI and layout they're familiar with.
Previously, I bet Facebook was betting that the difficulty of implementing privacy settings as user intended would be enough to have them choose the defaults thinking that increased access to their content by friends, and the net total increase in accessibility to people's information, would keep users engaged.
They'd think that those users who would choose not use the network as a result or to lock their pages down into being mere mugshots wouldn't be useful to growing out Facebook, anyway.

Comment Government Accountability (Score 1) 210

Considering that holding the government accountable for official pronouncements it makes may actually be a more important legal value than strictly following the letter of the law, I believe the initial winners should be offered visas. Further, considering that the 50,000 person quota is arbitrary and that there's no distinct harm in allowing more people from this list to immigrate, the government should be compelled to both honor its initial announcement and then to run the lottery again following the court's interpretation of "in a strictly random order".

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