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Comment Re:you want justice (Score 1) 719

Ok, an example that happened very close to me. Imagine a village festival, several hundred people having fun, enjoying a concert. Young people, old people, children. The atmosphere is very relaxed, there are no irregularities.

Then, suddenly, without [b]any[/b] provocation, the riot squad (about one hundred cops in full gear) turns up and starts herding people towards town square. There isn't enough room for the number of people so not everyone can get out of the way. The riot police starts hitting people with their batons. People that have done [b]nothing[/b] wrong. Several people fall down and then they are savagely beaten with severe injuring as a result. Suddenly the police retreat and disappear.

This is all on video, from multiple angles. Ofcourse there is an outcry and an investigation is started. The results of this enquiry have been made public last week.

I'll summarize the report for you:

- The festive people did nothing wrong, the attack was unprovoked;
- The police should not have used the amount of force they did;


- The police has been exonerated because they thought they had to use this much force so they where automatically allowed to do so. (if it sounds weird, it is).

No cop has been reprimanded, the victims (some of them are maimed for life, including two small children) have no possibility to sue for damages. It's just though luck for them.

So, tell me again how it does fucking matter if you have video and how there is a fucking difference. And please tell me how my now paralysed from the neck down girlfriend can get her justice. You prick.

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