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Comment So, what's a problem? (Score 1) 157

It seems that all astronauts who died from hearth problem, have enough time after spaceflight to rise children. So, small rise of probability of heart attack doesn't prevent creation of successful colony.

Remember, how much chances have first British colonists in the North America to survive just a first winter.

As far as I remember, people in British East-India company have about 90% chances of dying from tropical fevers and cholera before returning to England. This haven't prevented Britain to rule India for two centuries.

Comment I think that it is really good news. (Score 1) 130

Any freelancer should know that signing an NDA and touching any proprietary code puts him in danger.
And better do not work with companies which want to keep their code secret.

There should be big difficulty for the companies that do not publish their code under some kind of OpenSource license to get skilled developers.

Of course this case doesn't place employed developers in danger. They cannot disclose the code, which they touch only in the office.

Comment Re:Reciprocal Round Trip VPN (Score 1) 115

It doesn't work this way. Novadays e-commerce websites love to use GeoIP to locate their customers.

So, when I connect Moscow, Russia online shops via VPN endpoint on Germany, I typically see just "This item doesn't ship to Germany". So, I have to maintain sophisticated proxy configuration, to distinguish between local online services, which I have to go directly and informational web sites, which I can access via proxy to bypass Russian internet censorship.

Of course, it makes my ISP able to tell police which online shops I've visited recently.

Comment Anroid Sticks? (Score 1) 508

There is free app Linux Deploy on the Google Play, which installs Linux into chroot on android device, and allow it to be accessed with VNC protocol. Combine it with some VNC player android (preferrable one which handles physical keyboard well) and you'll easily get ubuntu or Debian on android stick. nd no problem with proprietary video drivers and so on, because hardware would be handled by Android.

Comment No, I really don't need to get a hackintosh. (Score 1) 229

> You really need to get a hackintosh

No I don't. I either need Apple to get its head out of its ass, or to vote with my dollars and buy something I'd actually use. Going out of my way to support Apple's OS, which they barely support on their own hardware, and to circumvent their random SMC half-assed secure boot nonsense is doing extra work that I don't need to be doing.

But even still, Apple's never going to learn that lesson because Apple doesn't sell PCs anymore. They sell shitty appliances that break and go out of date every year, because they know you'll just keep coming back to them for more.

Comment Perhaps several years ago... (Score 1) 60

These days phone chips have TDPs running around 8-10W, like Exynos 5250's 8W max TDP. If you look at perf/watt at the top end, Intel's chips are still very securely in the lead.

Yeah, the ARM chips can still clock down way lower, but throwing around numbers like 0.2W max is just being disingenuous.

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