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Submission + - SPAM: How to connect Smartphone Camera to PC or Laptop

gizmobeast88 writes: Do you that your smartphone camera is capable of something more than just taking video or selfie? Your phone could be used as a security camera. You can install Droidcam app. DroidCam can be connected in two different ways, you can use your WIFI connect or USB cable connection.
It is a free Android app from Google Play. If you like more features and more controls just add a few dollars to spend, (premium $4.00 version). For Windows and Linux, the desktop client component is available from [spam URL stripped]. It’s free.

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Submission + - SPAM: Coffee travel mugs you will love!

amzproduct writes: The coffee travel mugs are indestructible, spill proof and keep my morning coffee drinkable hot even past noon. The entire vacuum seal comes apart so it can be sludge.
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Submission + - Ubuntu exits Unity & Mobile / Convergence strategy, Gnome to return with 18. (

Qbertino writes: A blogpost by Mark Shuttleworth lays out his assesment of the attempts to unify the desktop and mobile spaces with Ubuntus Unity. In general he states that the convergence thing hasn't panned out as expected but Ubuntu Desktop is going strong. Apparenty Canocical, the company behind Ubuntu, will now focus on that strength and drop the mobile and convergence ambitions.

Submission + - SPAM: Find Out the Best Rapid Tooling China Online

next proto writes: Rapid tooling is describing the process which is the combined result of rapid prototyping method and if you are using this tool then people might completely save their money and effort. In fact prototype is using for many applications which is including marketing tools, product visualization, functional testing and production cycles.
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Submission + - Millions of Smart Meters May Over-Inflate Readings by up to 582% (

AmiMoJo writes: Lab tests carried out by Dutch scientists have shown that some of today's "smart" electrical meters may give out false readings that in some cases can be 582% higher than actual energy consumption. The study involved several tests conducted on nine different brands of "smart" meters, also referred to in the industry as "static energy meters." Researchers also used one electromechanical meter for reference. Test results varied wildly, with some meters reporting errors way above their disclosed range, going from -32% to +582%. Tests with uncommon results were repeated several times and the results were within a few percents of the original. The research team discovered that smart meters which gave abnormally high readings used a Rogowski Coil in their setup, while the smart meters that gave out low readings used Hall effect-based sensors.

Submission + - London Police Ink Shadowy Deal with Industry on Website Takedowns

AmiMoJo writes: The EFI is warns about unregulated activity against web sites by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) of the City of London Police. A programme called RogueBlock accepts notifications from IP holders, which the PIPCU then acts on, giving private companies legal jurisdiction over the entire internet, with appeals in the case of malicious reports and mistakes being extremely difficult to make. For example, Spanish sports streaming site Rojadirecta had its domain name seized by the U.S. government for over a year, despite the site being lawful in its native Spain. The EFF terms this kind of activity "shadow regulation".

Comment Be careful about leaks of your password database (Score 1) 415

My personal choice:

1. Use password manager (I use KeePass, but other ones are no worse).
2. NEVER-NEVER-NEVER let your encrypted passwords database leak to server you don't own, like DrobBox, Google Drive and so on. Only direct rsync/scp from one machine you own to another one.
3. If you need to access some account from the machine you don't trust completely (such as your girlfriend computer - you may ultimately trust her good intention but be not so sure about her sysadmin skills), don't plug USB drive with your password database in. Open password manager on your phone or tablet look up the password you need and type it in untrusted computer by hand.

Comment Re: Trade union fighting for survival (Score 3, Insightful) 723

Basic income is automation itself. It cuts lots of jobs. With current welfare you'll need a lot of clerks to evaluate conditions of those who apply for welfare and make a decisions. And even if those who apply are too poor to bribe officials, these officials can exersize power over them and feel theirselves significant.

With basic income you' ll need only one computer which would send checks around based on census data.

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