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Comment Re:Hyperbole at its Finest (Score 1) 721

Fox was brought up for their propensity to use emotional pleas to sway public opinion away from scientific analysis or inquiry.

I mean, seriously, Linus Pauling didn't stumble on to the workings of chemical bonding through emotional pleas and Beck-esque tantrums. (LPI - please forgive me for using Mr. Paulings name in the same sentence as Glen Beck).

On matters of importance to the nation and the world, should we decide based on a Koch Brother funded talking head spouting drabble that doesn't pass muster on PolitiFact, yet somehow makes the rich richer and everyone else poorer? Or should we examine things with a sense of tough love where we do what the evidence shows us is probably best, consider that a starting point, and adjust as the evidence dictates?

Back to your point - the Democrats may have been in charge when this Copyright act was passed - but has it not been upheld by the Republicans as well during the foregoing 34 years? Is this wrong? What studies or research have been done to show the affects with and with out this legislation? And with other modifications to this legislation might make it more balanced? I think these questions are best answered over feeding into the US vs THEM political system we are currently enjoying, which backs only two possible solutions, usually in nearly direct opposition to each other.

Comment Costa Rican Navy (Score 1) 224

Costa Rica is rather famous in Central America for not having a military of any sort. What better gift for a country with no military than an aircraft carrier with no engines, gear boxes, or pumps!

Well, at least the next time they declare war, the enemy will have something to sink.

You see, Costa Rica jumped into WWI by declaring war against Germany and Japan - still, with no army, navy, or air force, mind you - and Germany sent a U Boat to go sink some of Costa Ricas navy. The German U Boat commanders tried to be sneaky and went down and around the cape of good hope and attacked from the Atlantic side - thinking that is where the navy was hiding. Imagine the disgust in that German officers heart when all he found were fishing boats.

Now do you get it?

Comment Re:Hyperbole at its Finest (Score 2, Interesting) 721

Tell that to FOX "news" and the Tea Party folks. I wish more people shared our way of thinking - ignore the hype and judge based on logic and reason. But sadly, the Jerry Springer culture we have fostered and the flames fanned by the Koch brothers war, lets the masses be easily swayed by emotion and fear, rather than logic. But this is nothing new, either. The term FUD, probably coined in these very forums, only puts a label on the ancient tradition.

I wonder if we can promote some type of system, through legal pressure, legislative edict, or otherwise, to rate or judge the truthfulness and helpfulness of what our politicians are blathering on about. The closest I have seen is politifact and wikileaks to some extent is trying to get the truth out there and let people judge for themselves. I think that side needs more publicity somehow - to help balance out the hype and bring a calming, logical atmosphere into play.

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