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Comment Re:So Jobs is not a liar? (Score 2, Insightful) 373

No ever said that blocking the antenna doesn't affect signal strength. The problem with the iPhone is that the simple act of holding it normally can cause it to completely lose all signal. That is a problem. No other phones have this problem, that is why it has never come up before.

The iPhone has a serious design flaw, there is no denying this. I just hope Apple with fix this flaw before too much longer.

Comment Re:J2ME (Score 1) 57

nor would it live up to the Firefox name.

So you mean that opening a handful of pages won't cause it to eat up nearly 500megs of memory?

I miss the days when FF was a lean, mean, and fast browser. Perhaps one day they will port Firefox Mobile to the PC. :)

Comment Re:Mixed feelings (Score 1) 2424

A democracy is not able to operate when a supermajority is required to pass any legislation. And with the Republicans totally unwilling to negotiate the Democrats had no other option.

I hope you're not implying that the health care bill is the only piece of legislation congress has passed in an entire year of power. Congress has passed other pieces of legislation (IE: The Jobs bill was signed into law just last week).

I love how the Democrats control the presidency, the house, and the senate... yet still blame their failures on the Republicans.

Ever think that the reason they had a hard time passing it, and the fact that the majority of Americans are against the bill, and the fact the the president managed to piss off both Pro an Anti Abortion groups at the same time by his handling of this bill, could possibly be because the bill is just bad?

Comment Re:Mixed feelings (Score 1) 2424

Imperfect as it is, this bill will save lives, and contrary to what Fox will tell you, it will not affect anyone who is currently happy with their insurance.

Have you read the assumptions the CBO was told to follow in getting their budget numbers? CNN had an article yesterday stating that the Democrats assume that this bill will make employer offered health care more expensive due to the extra taxes. As a result they expect employer to discontinue the more expensive coverage they provide for their employees and instead purchase cheaper insurance (IE: $3000+ / year less.. that number sound familiar?). It further goes on to say that now that the employer i saving $3000+ /year per employee that they will all give their employees a $3000+/year raise, which will then be taxed via 'income tax' rates, which is greater than the insurance tax.

So yes... Employees will get to keep the health insurance offered by their employer, however Obama never said that the insurance offered will stay the same.

This bill had a lot of good things in it that both sides agreed on, however it also had a lot of bad things in it. Why else do you think they it was pushed their and passed via reconciliation on Sunday night. Reconciliation isn't all bad.. it's been used for tax cuts in the past, however it's never been used to reshape 1/6 of our economy when 55% American public opposed it.

So, how many of you think your boss will give you a big raise just because he had to cut cost on healthcare?

Comment Re:Correction: (Score 2, Informative) 168

You obviously don't manage a SAN and I'm starting to think you've never seen one. SSD's are nice, but typical FC/SAS/SATA drives will be around for a long time to come. IOPS aren't all that matters in a SAN, space matters as well.

IE: Typical SANS are setup in tiers. In my case, we use Compellent SANs. New writes and active data is written to 15K FC drives. They are fast, expensive, and we have less total capacity than the SATA totals. After about 2 weeks, the inactive blocks that were on the FC drive are moved down to SATA. If your company is like most companies, you have a lot of stale data that finds it way to the SAN and may never be touched for years. This data is good to have on slower SATA disk. There's no need to waste money and rack space to store data that no one will access for years.

We are flirting with the idea of adding the SSD disk to our tiers. I our case, the SSD tier would receive all the new writes for that tier (RAID10) and then tier everything down to RAID5 over night. This allows the RAID5 write penalty to be taken in the off hours. 2 weeks later, the really old blocks is sent to SATA. In this case FC and SATA disk will just be used for reads.

Comment Disk Alignment... Learn this! (Score 2, Informative) 165

This is especially important for all you who manage a SAN. Learn it, love it, live it.

To learn why disk partition alignment can be important, please reference the following blog post:
Instructions for Stripe Alignment/Partition Alignment within a Windows Operating Systems
Reference the following link for info on DiskPart,
1 - At a command prompt on a windows host type diskpart
2 -Type select disk X (X being the numbered disk within disk management that you want to align)
3 -Type create partition primary align=64
4 -You can then format the drive and assign a drive letter to it

Comment Re:Doubt it's the "bloated codebase" (Score 4, Insightful) 396

Yes and No. Acura and Honda are made by the same company, but are not the same exact car. Acura is the upper end line, while Honda is not. If you drive a TL and then drive an Accord, there is no way you will confuse the handling, finish, or features of the too. The closest you will come is if you compare the low end Acuras (IE: TSX to the Honda line). Honda makes Acura, Toyota makes Lexus, Nissan makes Infinity, etc. It's nothing new.

I myself drive a Acura TL and refer to it as a Honda all the time. If there was a comparable car in the Honda line when I got this car, I would have gladly purchased it.

As for thinking people just Apples because they want to brag, I don't understand that logic. Apples use a completely different OS and way of doing things; there's now cheaper priced Mac OS they can get. In some cases, Apples are better suited for a given task than MS is. Saying Apple users pay more so they can brag to Windows users, is like saying Windows user pay more so they can brag to Linux users. Each OS has their niche. Personally, I wouldn't say any single OS is better than another in every way. To each their own.

Comment 2010 - Year of the **** (Score 4, Funny) 368

Don't know if this is just a sick coincidence but....

2007 - Chinese year of the Chicken - Bird Flu Pandemic devastates parts of Asia
2008 - Chinese year of the Horse - Equine Influenza decimates Australian racing
2009 - Chinese year of the Pig - Swine Flu Pandemic kills hundreds of pigs around the globe.

Has any one else noticed this?

It gets worse........

next year......

2010 - Chinese year of the Cock - what could possibly go wrong?

Comment Re:Always a source of amusment (Score 4, Insightful) 550

Ahh, the Dem. version of Dan Quayle.

Unfortunately, Biden is making Dan Quayle look like a Rhodes Scholar. Will someone please buy that man a muzzle.
I'm truly at a lose when I try to think of anything that man has brought to the ticket. He's been an embarrassment for Obama.

On the bright side, if we let him keep talking, perhaps we will all be told more about what happens at Area 51.

Comment Re:Digital TV: inferior in some ways (Score 1) 591

It all comes down to your antenna. I grabbed a el-cheapo antenna from walmart, tossed it on a table by my TV and had a perfect picture immediately. My analogue antenna provided a shitty picture regardless of where I put it. I will gladly take an easily obtained crystal clear digital picture over a fuzzy static filled analog picture any day.

Out of curiosity, how many of you have kept you analog cell phones? Don't you just hate how digital signals are either perfect or not there at all? I bet you all wish we could go back to the static filled analog cell phone days.

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