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Submission + - Realtime GPS weather forecasts via Google Maps (

Juneau writes: Check out GPS Solution's new way to get your weather forecast off the web. Get accurate and high resolution weather forecasts for any location — your home, favorite remote camping spot, a mountain top you plan to climb, or an offshore oil rig. Just use Google maps to navigate, click, and you see a 3-day forecast for wind, precipitation, and pressure. The forecast is generated with the "WRF" model — a joint development by NCAR and NOAA — it is run at 12 km horizontal and 30-min temporal resolution. The forecast uses GPS data — information based on the delay of the GPS signals in the atmosphere due to atmospheric water vapor — which helps improve the precipitation forecasts.

A cool feature of this web site is that you can generate links for specific locations which allows you to check the forecast for this location anytime with a single click. Click through for examples of Microsoft HQ, Google HQ, and the top of Mount Rainier.

It takes about a second to generate the forecast plots so you have to be a little patient. Also, presently forecasts are available only for the continental US and Eastern Asia — the language will change depending from where you click. Europe and other regions should be added soon.


Submission + - 9th Circuit: Employees' text messages are private (

Juneau writes: The 9th Circuit Court indicated that employers are not allowed to read email ortextmessages of their employees. A PDF version of the decision can be found here.

Note that if the employee had signed a consent for the company to review the data, there would have been no complaint. Most of the companies and govermental agencies I've been involved with require the employee to sign a release as part of the employment papers.

Seems to me that this will just serve to remind the HR department to include an additional waiver in the employee's papers.

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Submission + - Colorado Rockies - "malicious attack" of 8

Juneau writes: The Denver Post reports on today's World Series ticket sales: (

Spokesman Jay Alves said tonight that the failure of Monday's ticket sales happened because the system was brought down today by an "external malicious attack." The Rockies have suspended online sales for World Series tickets, spokesman Jay Alves said this afternoon. Alves said that several hundred sales that went through before sales were suspended today will be honored. "We are as frustrated and disappointed as (fans) are," Alves said.

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