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Comment Re:"Likley grow" - Bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 275

No thanks. I'd rather we have public policy that favors low / no carbon energy sources. Believe it or not, we DO get to pick winners in that regard so long as we don't pick WHICH low/no carbon source and don't pick which company is going to do it. But we 100% can decide to incentivize environmentally friendlier options that have longer term viability than pulling it out of the ground. Especially when there exists an entrenched system actively resisting competition and resists the internalization of external costs.

Comment Re:Oil and internal combustion are not the problem (Score 3, Informative) 181

True, which is what makes this process attractive.

Atmosphere -> Plant -> Fuel: More plants need to be grown using more fertilizer and possibly replacing food crops

Atmosphere -> Plant -> Human -> Sewage -> Fuel or
Atmosphere -> Plant -> Animal -> Human -> Sewage -> Fuel: means there is no point in growing more plants because humans are only going to eat so much of it to produce the sewage waste needed for the process.

That is the benefit of this, over other processes that claim to leverage current waste as the feed-stock. It isn't practical to generate more sewage to feed the beast ... unless you envision a Matrix like poo farm ;-) Put another way, the sum total of all human digestive systems can be counted on to produce sewage feed-stock without fail (it just needs to be collected) but it isn't subject to scaling it up beyond how much we all poop.

The counter example of course being Cellulosic fuel processes which can be fed by the current remnants of human activity BUT ALSO by intentionally growing more cellulosic fuel crops (like sugarcane, switchgrass, etc) using more fertilizer and possibly supplanting food crops. It would be silly to not leverage cellulosic waste, but there needs to be effective policy to make sure we don't do more harm than good as farmers start deciding what crops to plant.

Comment Re: So... (Score 2) 113

Double check your help|troubleshooting page to see if acceleration / directX is disabled. I had the same problem, found that an old buggy driver had caused FF to disable all acceleration (despite the setting being checked) because of crashes. Now google maps is much faster and smoother. Probably not up to chrome standards but it was a non-usable to usable transition.

Comment Re:Cheap? (Score 2) 291

A great idea actually. I like it. Lots of old phones in my desk and cheap tablets online.

BUT, horrible battery life necessitating constant plug in. In fairness, battery life is likely the reason nothing other than the shortwave signal is viable at the moment except maybe some Bluetooth LE and a BT transmitter in in the house :(

Comment Re:Not a fan (Score 1) 117

100% success with a sample size of 3

50GB Vertex 2 spent time in my PC, my laptop, my unRAID server as a cache, and now sits in a an enclosure but never really used

60GB Vertex 2 spent time in my PC, my laptop, and my unRAID server as a cache, but is no longer being used as it was replaced with a 512GB Crucial

120GB Vertex 3, sitting in my PC right now

Comment Re:Good data first, then maybe big data later (Score 1) 99

Yes! Dear Tea Pot! YES YES YES!!!!!!

Then you find out the transactional data is jacked because it is 1) manually entered by a third party (not the user/customer) 2) entered without regard to policy 3) maybe not entered at all. [hangs head] and then they are the very ones asking for the analysis of that same data to drive their future planning and you want to beat them over the head with your rusting slide rule!!!!!!!

Comment Re:Galaxy Alpha - We Hardly Knew Ye (Score 1) 47

I was sadly limited to samsung only phones at my new employer (apparently they are the only phones to pass security mandates ... well other than iPown). Personally I have a 2013 Moto X and love it for its 99% stock android UI. all my previous phones were either nexus or immediately flashed to AOSP. Anyway chocked on the idea of Touchwiz and even the idea of a work phone bigger than my personal phone ... so I got the Alpha.

It was a great choice. For a work phone. The phone is amazing to behold, very slick, amazing battery life. But sadly it does suffer from the fatal flaw: Touchwiz. It is stupidly laggy; opening the recent apps list literally is a press, wait wait wait, wait wait wait, affair; the stupid physical button can't decide if it wants to take me back to the home screen or GoogleNow. It looks like a giant cartoon for children. Honestly it is a bit insulting.

If I had made the mistake of getting it as a personal phone I would have tried to reflash AOSP and failing that returned it.

But again this is all the fault of TouchWiz and not the physical phone. It is truly amazing. When the UI isn't getting in the way it is very snappy. The screen looks great. Battery life is amazing (3 days no charge and still 30% left). And it is sweet to look at. Catch a clue Samsung; touchwiz sucks. You aren't special, just like everyone else. Make great hardware and leave the software to others.

Comment Re:Fire all the officers? (Score 2) 515

Yes if the law you are breaking it directly related to the accomplishment of your job:

Cashier; steal cash, lose your job, and any chance of being a cashier ever again
Doctor; fraudulent prescriptions or insurance fraud, lose your job, and any chance of being a doctor again
CPA; embezzle, launder, etc, lose your job, and any chance of being a CPA ever again

Need I go on? This isn't a difficult concept.

As to the pension, there aren't many defined benefit plans left anymore, but for the ones that do still exist (mostly public employees) there is 100% a requirement that you depart the organization on good terms. For the military you don't even have to break a law to lose your chance at a pension, you just have to be separated before 20 years.

Of course anything like a 401k is different, that money is yours EXCEPT for matching contributions, those are up for grabs though I understand once they are vested that likely means it is legally yours without risk of forfeit. But that isn't the point. The idea of losing a pension after termination for cause is 100% valid and common.

The only question left: what crime / infraction justifies such a termination.

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